Used Mini Check Bitter Sweet temptation

Bitter Sweet temptation

Not only women love the Mini, even men are on the go-kart for the road. And even when Used is the racer a feel-good mobile - when one considers his typical vulnerabilities.

The Mini is selling well and now has cult status. The small car will be built under the leadership of BMW since 2001, in 2006 there was a new model. To ensure that this does not develop to the overpriced retro chic, especially two points should be taken better care when buying used vehicles under the microscope. For it is not always correspond to its quality to the level of the parent company.

Body and interior: seven centimeters has grown to its predecessor, the Mini ( R55-R57 type ) in comparison. This is particularly noticeable for the driver and front passenger. Eng, however, it remains for the passengers behind. Even with his grown by 10 to 160 liters of cargo space of the Mini is rather interesting for active singles or couples. Meanwhile, there are the small cars in several body styles, convertible from a combi and the Coupé. Overall, the model is highly reliable, as a glance in the ADAC breakdown statistics reveals. The club certifies that the vehicle " above average puncture resistance ".

© Mini Also thanks to higher and longer hood for a better pedestrian protection section of the Mini 2007 EuroNCAP crash test with full five stars from well   The extravagant design of the controls you have but like. With the second edition of the Small has become a little more mature and was also slightly upgraded interior. The complexity of the poor instruments has remained the same, yet the processing remains casual, as you would not know it from BMW so.

Engine: Driving fun it of course needs a little more power. But that's the just of mini fans loved so much go-kart feeling really brings joy, one should choose a strong engine. Although the range petrol engine in the One with 70 kW/95 hp and diesel with 66 kW/90 hp for the city always a better choice, however, are the Cooper models. The aggregates from the collaboration with Peugeot and a maximum of 88 kW/120 hp drive the little ones enough to fast. And even if it led to rapid driving, show up at the main study, above-average results. Problems with the engine and transmission are much less known than in its predecessor. Not very expensive but still annoying but it is a problem that is known in the generation: in abundance tend the engines to incontinence and leave ugly oil stains on the asphalt.

Facilities and safety: BMW typically the option list for the Mini is long. Also on board but should be ESP, it was only as an option initially. It was only from 2009, it is one of the standard equipment. Also thanks to higher and longer hood for a better pedestrian protection section of the Mini 2007 EuroNCAP crash test with full five stars well.

Quality: The Mini is built like the former original in England, and great value for money apparently with the quality control. The list of deficiencies in the mini can thus quickly be times Maxi: Rattling glass roofs, water leaks or leaking discs occur in many vehicles. A close look at the headlights is also part of an obligation, because according to TÜV report defects even younger vehicles have problems with the light. With the newer models it relatively frequently affects the rear lights. The subject of corrosion is the woman favorite no stranger. Resulted In the rust often found in the brake lines.

Conclusion: In the used car market include Minis to the models with the lowest depreciation. Who wants to set this runabout, should choose a well equipped, and especially dry car without folding noise. Under 9,000 euros but it will be also with a lot of patience find such a specimen hardly.

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