Used car check: Porsche Cayenne From the fourth year in nominal

From the fourth year in nominal

With the Porsche Cayenne is like a good wine: At the age he is better. Therefore, the TÜV auditors have to complain at the first inspection date the most.

When the Porsche Cayenne in 2003 came on the market, he broke with the family tradition: An SUV from the established manufacturer of sports cars from Zuffenhausen - is this possible? It went very well. Among other things, because the engineers have to the model built in 2010 planted the dynamic virtues of his brothers flatter. At the almost perfect performance of the 911 at TÜV the upper class SUV comes close not quite. However, there are first-generation Cayenne available for less than 10,000 euros. Bargain hunters should, however, be careful.

Body and interior:

In each of 2003 and 2010 built Cayenne also a bit VW enemies: for example, are the bodies for the VW Touareg and Q7 were designed together with Slovakia, before they came to the final assembly of the Porsche factory in Leipzig. The interior is tidy and high quality, but which dominate plastics. Stately space offer a total length of 4.78 meters at the rear as in the front, as well as in 540-1770 liter boot space.

Engines and chassis:

Between 176 kW/240 hp ( diesel) and 404 kW/550 hp ( Turbo S ) move the performance of the largest Porsche, where the aggregates after the facelift in 2007 partly somewhat strengthened. The smaller engines are six cylinder engine from the Cayenne S is a V8 for use. The diesels will be offered since 2009, accordingly, rarely are the first generation Cayenne with diesel engine.

The sovereign and very dynamic behavior matches the typical demands of a Porsche driver. Also as a travel carriage is to recommend to the Cayenne. More individual comfort, the air suspension ( Turbo, Turbo S or optional). But even off the road makes the Cayenne a good figure. Because unlike many other SUV in its current time and he is good with permanent four-wheel drive, reduction and central differential lock (all standard) well. Well for a ride through heavier terrain If desired, a differential lock on the rear axle could be booked. 3.5 tonnes towing capacity make the Cayenne also a sought-after towing vehicle.

Features and security:

What other brands ie full equipment, is factory installed in the Cayenne: climate and audio system, trip computer, alloy wheels 17 inches, fog lights, rain sensor, electric seat adjustment, leather and fabric - all inclusive. Cayenne S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S lay still on it each equipment. Accordingly, many well-equipped Porsche SUV are on offer.


Are the TÜV auditors expect from the yourselfers above average durability, they are likely the HU results of the much more frequently used in everyday life Cayenne initially surprised. When it comes to lighting the SUV significantly worse than other vehicles, the steering is slightly above the average defect rate and the engine loses oil. This, however, note the experts exclusively for the first HU - then statistically everything better again and the Cayenne is almost as good as the 911, which is definitely well above average - often even totally without flaws. Non TÜV - relevant, but still annoying: Again and again complain Cayenne owners about problems with the electronics.


It sounds tempting: the offers of online exchanges start at € 10,000 below for about ten years old Cayenne. But it is precisely these deals will be scrutinized, often enough, is not even the number of owners here. From about 17,000 euros copies are inserted with over 100,000 miles. Bargain hunters should be said, Who shall go Porsche, Porsche must also be able to pay, which is especially true for repairs. A higher initial investment is making itself may have paid over the long term.