upscale Camping

Dusseldorf, August 29, 2014

Where to go German camping enthusiasts prefer? According to a survey of the automobile club ADAC 's own country ranks right at the front. Some distance behind Italy, Croatia and France follow. So it is appropriate that Mercedes introduces two new camper vans under the name explorer Marco Polo. Frame this is the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf ( until September 7, 2014 ), where we took a look at the new ones.

cheaper activities

The Marco Polo series is split into two variants: First, the classic Marco Polo based on the new V - Class, which is not cheap but with at least 54,835 euros. Secondly, the Marco Polo Activity as cheaper alternative. It is simple furnished and is based on the benefit-oriented Vito van. Since it also exists with front wheel drive and weaker engines, prices start at 38,960 euros here. Still sounds like a lot, but ausstattungsbereinigt the Mercedes-Mobile are cheaper than the duration rival VW T5 California.

All on board

Both Marco Polo vehicles are 5.14 meters long and 1.93 meters wide without mirrors. A height of 1.98 meters allows the entrance to car parks and car washes. Made possible by a pop-up roof, under which is a double bed. When " normal " Marco Polo a full kitchen, a closet, a sliding seat / recliner bench, swiveling front seats and a foldable and movable table are standard. Similarly, a floor covering in Yacht ground optics, brings glow in the rolling hut.

Fast Lane!

The kitchenette is equipped with a two burner gas stove, a sink and a compressor cooler with a capacity of 40 liters. Practical: Two smaller kitchen drawers can be opened even when folded out bed. The fresh water tank holds 38 liters of waste water tank 40 liters. When driving the 2.1 - liter diesel with 136, 163 or 190 hp is available, optional Mercedes delivers the most powerful engine all-wheel drive. Standard is a rear-wheel drive.

just relaxing

Now we come to the Activity version: Here the range of engines with 88 hp starts, also here is a front-wheel drive available. As standard, the activity over a three-seat bench with one-piece backrest and bed extension. The bank is on rails. If you need more storage space, the surface of the bed and the floor can use less. Here are namely two removable drawers. In " Bank - bed " can snuggle up to three people, two more riders find their berth in the attic.

How does it feel?

In the live contact with both Mercedes - campers will notice that the Activity will be without a power tailgate and an electric roof, because here the avionics was slimmed down. The sleeping place under the roof is quite big fall, but to climb it, you should be fit. Whether that comes to meet the planned Marco Polo older clientele, is another question. The choice of materials and build quality is good for both versions, though the promised car feel for the driver and front passenger does not want to pay quite. Even the hard, rumbling, rolling rear axle of our V - class exhibition shuttles shows the commercial vehicle relationship. What struck us at Marco Polo: The table has come quite small and does not look particularly stable. If the driver's seat pushed too far back, can the cover from the sink no longer open. We are yet to see how the " living Limousine " ( as designer Bertrand Janssen ) will arrive at the customer. ( rh / ml )