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Monterey, California ( USA ), 18 August 2014

McLaren has presented the new top version of its hybrid super sports car P1. Inspired by the legendary McLaren F1 GTR, who won in 1995 the 24 Hours of Le Mans, who conceived exclusively for track use over-P1 also carries the GTR logo and the classic orange and silver. The P1 GTR will get after completion of the normal P1 - production in the sale. As of May 2015, there should therefore be ready. Only the owner of a 375 McLaren P1 theoretically benefit of P1 GTR. McLaren assumes however, be able to sell only about 25 to 30 vehicles. From low double-digit sales, however, the GTR would be already profitable.

In fact, more extreme

The McLaren GTR P1 will be 84 hp more than its road-suited brother and thus make exactly 1,000 hp. The car gets together with Pirelli developed slick tires, a 80-millimeter wider front track, a fixed ride height and ( yes, that's actually ) a much more aggressive style. The fixed from the outset to focus on the race track allowed the developers more leeway in terms of aerodynamics. So there including a larger front splitter, larger air outlets and a revised rear diffuser and a fixed rear wing with a hydraulic DRS system. In addition, the P1 GTR sits on 10.5 and 13x19 inch central lock rims.

Exclusive Bonus Package for P1 - GTR - customers

According to McLaren, there was the demand of some customers for a more extreme racetracks - P1. However, you should also have sought an answer to the next ( also designed only for the route) Ferrari LaFerrari XX. The P1 GTR will cost the equivalent of almost 2.5 million euros. Included in this advanced price is a tailored for each customer motorsport program. It includes special driver training at least six of the most legendary Formula 1 circuits, and access to McLaren-house racing simulator. There is also an exclusive exchange with Design Director Frank Stephenson and fitness team of McLaren Formula 1 driver. To the maintenance of the vehicles, the McLaren Special Operations team cares . ( sw )