Two off-roader? Test!

Biberach, 4. October 2017

The tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has a new Tire for the terrain in the program ... the Dueler A/T 001. He's supposed to be "durable enough for every stone and every hurdle". If we had to provide a car with this predicate, we would choose either the Defender or G-class. As the Land Rover but is no longer produced, and Mercedes offers an off-road driving training in the vicinity of Biberach, we have killed two birds with one stone. You take a gravel pit, the G 350 d Professional and the new Bridgestone-Pneu. Finished the test scenario is ...

The parameters of the Professional

The Professional is for all of you riding with the G not only on the promenades of this world up and down. It is designed for tough off-road use. In contrast to the normal model of any of the Tinsel is wrong with the car: Instead of chrome, there are a lot of Matt Black, the front bumper is made of steel and has a mounting for a winch, Stone guard to protect the xenon headlights and the turn signals, on the roof there is a Luggage rack with ladder on the rear. Inside, the lack of Display. The seats with cloth, the Windows are opened by a hand crank, the floor is lined instead of carpet with a washable anti-slip surface, there is a water flow from the passenger compartment and the harness is protected against the ingress of water.

The tire in Detail

The Dueler A/T 001 Bridgestone's thanks to its special profile design, the rubber mixture, the block forming and reinforcement measures of the tread and the tyre is a classic All-Terrain flanks of the Tyre. To do this, the manufacturer has improved compared to the previous model, the profile grooves. Bridgestone has confirmed the tyre improved traction and braking performance, better water drainage and a range of use between normal road and difficult terrain. Thus, loose soil, mud or debris is meant to be. The Dueler for rims of 15 to 18 inches and the width is 195 to 275. The fuel efficiency (up to a few Format exceptions) in the case of "E", and a noise of 72 to 73 decibels, although not optimal, for off road tyres but very good on and off the road really matter.

Now, off to the grounds ...

On the road the model with a 245-HP V6 would achieve-Diesel by the way in 8.8 seconds to 100 kph and a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Disciplines, we have not tried in the field. For this car and Tire were rides for a full day of extreme entanglement test, Sloping, slippery and debris-filled On - and off-ramps exposed to up to 80 percent slope, or a 60 centimeters deep water passages. The result: The G-class provides with your Hardware for the correct torque on the respective wheel, and there is always enough ground clearance, the tires takes care of the engine's power is transferred effectively to the changing surface. Problems in any discipline? No. Only the stomach and the lack of their own courage, could you come in the way.

In the mix: Auto plus Tire

In our G-class-Professional-wheel arches we have screwed tires in the Format 275/70 R16. A normal G-class comes as standard on 18-inch tyres. However, more sensitive rubber is in the terrain better than scratching delicate alloy wheels. And a 70's edge supports the travel for more comfort. By the way: The Professional) a minimum ground clearance of 25 inches (plus an inch compared to the normal G) and larger angles of approach (36 degrees at the front and 39 degrees on the back instead of twice 30 degrees. The car itself is built on a rugged but not especially lightweight ladder-frame chassis. There is permanent four-wheel drive with off-road ratio, and three electrically selectable 100% differential locks.

Prices at a Glance

The tires, depending on the Format and range from around 80 euros per piece. A bargain compared to our test vehicle, which fails in the basic version with 79.968 euros. And if you need neither G-class tires, but just once, your skills in the terrain test or want to improve, you will have the Mercedes Driving Events. The summer off-road driving training on the off-road terrain in Biberach, there are 510 Euro per Person. In the Winter, which are One-day events starting from 385 Euro bookable.(ml)