Transparency in the toll jungle

Munich, 17 June 2016

All speak just about the European Football Championship. But also the trip in the car through Europe become true masters. Partially gone are the days where you just paid cash tolls on the spot. And also the country-specific peculiarities of the vignettes are sometimes complicated. The Automobile Club ADAC now indicate particular examples.

Cash on the siding

About the digitisation: in England (London), Ireland (Dublin) and in Italy (the still rather new "Pedemontana Lombarda" to Milan around) there are sections that require a pre-registration in the Internet. But not necessarily: The mentioned A36 in the greater Milan can be paid via "Telepass", a transponder in the car. This eliminates fines for errors in the registry. In Portugal, in turn, the toll can be paid solely electronically via a transponder. Just tourists don't usually know that, even with the use of car that needs to be considered. Traveling without a credit card is now more problem than advantage. A cash payment is no longer possible at many toll stations in France, Italy and Spain. If you are travelling with caravan or camper through Europe, must know well in the respective classification system. Sample France: This is according to weight and height. Fixed superstructures are included, antennas and roof boxes do not. So it can cause toll stations unstaffed incorrect measurements. In case of doubt, the staff should be called.

United Europe? Not when the toll!

Where are still pitfalls lurking? In Italy should also with an open barrier due to technical defect not kept are, instead, pressing the help button and requests the document, in order to avoid penalties. In Slovenia it is advisable for travellers to find out precisely about the vehicle categories of the toll. In Hungary there is only an electronic vignette called "e-Matrica". Here, it is worth to check their own data as errors in the Code threaten fines equivalent to 200 EUR. And finally Poland: everything is motorised and is over 3.5 tonnes (also carriages), pays toll away from the motorways, high-speed and main roads. This is done by transponder. Who separates his car on the campsite caravan, should disable the transponder to pay unnecessary. (rh)