VW lite up!

Since the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius, the hybrid drive is always more important. Volkswagen pays tribute in his model hierarchy now this eco-friendly trend its toll and put the VW lite up! a small car in front of four people, which is to his consumption of under three liters of diesel per 100 km belong to the entertaining affordable automobiles in the world. Driven the VW lite up! Out of a diesel engine with two cylinders, which makes 51 hp per turbo. Supports the small car by a 14 hp electric motor that provides for acceleration of supportive boost, but can also be used for pure electric driving in urban traffic. The energy wins the VW lite up! Current in lithium-ion batteries is energy recovery, stored. With its hybrid drive, the VW lite up! Up to 160 km / h will be reached quickly and already after 12.5 seconds speed 100th Power is transmitted to the axle via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG). Besides the low consumption, the VW lite up! especially with a minimal CO2 emissions of 65 g / km and boasts sets a new benchmark in terms of environmental setting.