Three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder Roadster Neither fish nor flesh

Neither fish nor flesh

They seem exotic to the strange and convinced motorcyclists pulpits are usually operated as uncool from: The three-wheeled roadster from the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. But the three variants of the Can-Am Spyder have much more to offer than you credit them at first glance.

"Seven automotive technologies ensure that the Can-Am Spyder the thrill under the open sky with much more security combines, as the bike." 's Accent of Marketing Director Danielle de Lange advantage of Canada's three-over classic two-wheelers sounds in detail quite impressive because, among other have the unusual fresh air vehicles from the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier ESP, power steering, reverse and a parking brake on board. And as crumple zones front storage compartment provide more safety reserves than any two-wheeled vehicle - all features that may be pleasant for specific target groups, however, may be rather daunting for hardcore bikers. Logically are around 5,000 Can-Am drivers throughout Europe those in the majority who have no bike license or not at all want more motorcycling. Brings the three-wheeled roadster for prices 17700-31800 euros a riding pleasure that could come even more expensive in an open sports car.

Especially the athletic Can-Am Spyder RS is not the three-wheeled toy, as the tear into him convinced bikers from above. The zero - to - hundred sprint in less than 5 s is on par with a Porsche 911 Carrera. For skew-hungry bikers is most likely the RS in question. For the classic tricycle target group, however, seems to be particularly the comfort and luxury stressed RT as a first choice. And the ST is for the undecided between. Skew has none of them, yet the potential curve dynamics falls surprisingly good, as the cornering forces on the front axle are very high.

Is powered by the most comfortable of all three-wheeled roadster by a new 1,330 cc engine from Rotax. The three-cylinder delivers 85 kW/115 hp and pushes the 459 kg - load with 130 Nm of torque vigorously forward. The 26-liter tank is sufficient at constant 100 km / h for more than 400 km.

© BRPDie three variants of the Can-Am Spyder have much more to offer than you credit them at first glance .   Both the sporty Can-Am Spyder RS as well as the versatile ST is a 990 cc V2 Rotax as a drive. Full of character with clattering it drives the three-wheeled roadster over the asphalt ribbon. Although he limps with 74 kW/100 hp and 108 Nm of torque behind the three-cylinder of the RT, but looks just the RS with Akrapovic exhaust from the Accessories program very consistent for sports leisure equipment.

Whether RS, ST, or RT: Everyone Can-Am Spyder tricycle newbie demands from a settling-in period to adjust to the peculiar dynamics. At first it pulls strongly to the handlebars, to enforce the desired direction changes. This feels laboriously until quite exhausting. Gradually you get but how leisurely Spyder driving works: stretch curve exterior arm, upper body to curve towards the inside and move slightly forward, ready is the fun á la Can-Am Spyder. The accelerated ride the go-kart track of Portimao with a RS Spyder we learned that the displacement of the Po Hang Off-style next to the seat brings additional dynamics - especially during fast driving over the curbs. Exaggerates the driver chasing lap times, a Bosch ESP and traction control brake up with him abruptly. Therefore much sensitivity is required in order to exploit the underlying border area as well as possible. Who creates, enjoys the RS even slight drift angle before the safety systems intervene.

The seating position is similar to a motorcycle: the buttocks on a bench, bent hands on the handlebars, the feet. The new six-speed semi-automatic with hydraulic clutch, the pilot selects the gear via a rocker switch on the left handle. Lever on the handlebar completely absent, as is slowed down by the pedal with the right foot. With five-speed manual gearbox as you pull the motorcycle left the clutch lever and switches with his left foot. Both feet are on pegs, brake is also on the right. Especially with this type of operation Bikers must get used to the pure footbrake. Pure Three cyclists do about it relatively easy with two gears, but certainly prefer the well-graded semi - automatic with overdrive sixth gear. The semi-automatic requires only as a smart according to integrated throttle, so that the gear changes turn out smoothly .   Anyone for 31,800 euros is engaged with the top model RT Limited into the full, enjoying the long haul for two with amenities such as a navigation system, LED lights front and hard-shell travel bags for the four storage compartments on front and rear. An audio system, cruise control and adjustable wind protection are already included. The front passenger enjoys living room armchair convenience for two-wheeled Super tourers from stroke Honda Goldwing or Harley-Davidson Electra Glide.

The Can-Am Spyder RT is also available with car license a delightful opportunity to fully sit in the slipstream can. In Germany you have the car license before 19 January 2013 have acquired, since a motorcycle license is required.

Can-Am Spyder RT - Specifications:

Engine: Water-cooled three-cylinder four-stroke engine with four valves per cylinder, displacement 1,330 cc, power 85.6 kW/115 hp at 7.250/min, max. Torque 130.1 Nm at 5,000 rpm, six-speed semi-automatic or five-speed manual   Suspension: Front double A-Arm with anti-roll bar and Sachs shock absorbers, rear swing arm with preload spring leg of Sachs, front Dual disc brake 270 mm, rear Single 270 mm hydraulic manifold system with three-wheel foot brake, ABS   Dimensions and weight: Wheelbase 1.71 meters, height 0,772 feet, dry weight 459 kg, tank capacity 26 liters   Price: 23399-31799 euros (RT Limited)

Who is Honda 's Goldwing to stuffy and the X-Bow KTM too boring, you should definitely times swinging on the Can-Am Spyder. No matter on which, fun are all three.