Three percent more performance

Cologne, June 14, 2016

Is tuned in so many things: from the van to the super athlete, by the city flea to the truck. Electric cars are no exception, not even a plug-in hybrid so why you should tune been? Volvos in-house tuning Division, PoleStar has made is now the XC90 T8 twin engine.

Performance optimization in the mid-single-digit percentage range

But PoleStar remains in the performance as usual in the mid-single-digit percentage range. At the plug in XC90's are 14 more Horsepower, equivalent to three per cent. With the recently introduced tuning for D5 S90 and V90 D5 that amounted to only two percent. The manufacturer is pretty cocky called "Performance course for the most powerful Volvo of all time". The optimized XC90 it brings to 421 HP and 680 Newton metres. The standard Sprint is a tenth of a second faster and now 5.5 seconds. All this makes possible a software upgrade.

Speed keep in the curve

In addition to the performance, responsiveness, switching speed, and precision be improved so Volvo. For example, Even with high lateral acceleration forces in fast cornering now holds the selected course the SUV. All this is intended to improve the driving fun, says Volvo. The standard consumption (but very little meaningful when plug-in hybrids) remains unchanged, as well as the manufacturer's warranty. For the optimization, Volvo requested 1.199 euro plus Workshop costs. The modification goes without any mechanical intervention at the dealer. The contract partner responsible for all formalities to the TÜV acceptance. (sl)