Cobra Weineck Cobra

The Weineck Cobra is considered the most powerful street-legal car in the world. Thanks nitrous oxide injection (nitro-Oxygen) and the monstrous 10.1-liter V8 engine of the Weineck Cobra provides up to 1200 hp. That's enough for a theoretical top speed of 390 km / h Theoretically, therefore, because no one ventured to this speed. During a test drive so far only the 380-km/h-Marke was cracked. Urgewaltig is also accelerating the Weineck Cobra: The sprint from 0 - 100 km / h takes just 2.8 seconds to complete, a delay of up to 200 km / h limit further 2.5 seconds. These are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are not to be compared with a normal sports car. To get the MOT approval, the super sports car is based on the original framework of the Cobra 427th Except the frame and the baroque body of this car has the original Shelby Cobra from the 60s nothing in common. Under the bodywork of the Weineck Cobra is high but the finest. As a manual transmission, four-speed G-Force transmission from the professional racing was used, which allows in first gear speeds up to 160 km / hr. Other high-tech specialties form the independent suspension with adjustable coil springs and titanium and excellent Brembo brake system with internally ventilated brake discs. Anyone who thinks the way, the Weineck Cobra is from the United States, the birthplace of drag racings, is wrong. The company Weineck, named after your founders, the brothers Claus and Jens Weineck, located in the tranquil Ackenhausen at Gander bath home in the resin. Incidentally, the Weineck Cobra is also available in a "softer" version with only 800 hp. You dream of a sports car of superlatives? Supercar, whether as a new, annual or used car, you buy from this website more affordable than you think.