Three cylinders for the middle class

Cologne, February 19, 2015

It's been not long, there were six-cylinder in mid-range cars no means unheard of. But the EU is demanding ever lower CO2 emissions. So the six-cylinder in turn fall away, four-cylinder become the norm, and the three-cylinder comes into view. The first makes the Ford Mondeo: Him can soon buy a three-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

Ordered from March, with three-cylinder turbo

Launch of the new Mondeo had facilitated Finally, sighs one on February 7, 2015, because the car has already been announced several times, but came not on the market. Now, however, all three body styles ?? Four-door, five-door and tournament ?? in three equipment versions (Trend, Titanium, Hybrid ) and seven engines available. In addition, here comes yet said 1.0 - liter turbo petrol engine with three cylinders and 125 hp, which is known among other things, the Focus. Consumption estimated at 5.1 Ford ( five-door ) and 5.2 liters (tournament ). Really impressive is not: The VW Passat is also a 125-hp 1.4 TSI partners, and to make do with 5.3 liters ( in five-door and wagon). After all, the starting price falls when Mondeo with the new base model of 27,150 to 25,400 euros ?? which is below the base price of the Passat. Which is available as 1.4 TSI with 125 hp from 26,075 euros.

Two new diesel and for the first time four-wheel drive

Work on the diesel side in the Mondeo still four-cylinder only. Downsizing, there are also here: The previous entry-level version, the 1.6 TDCi 115 PS, will now be replaced by a 1.5 TDCi 120 bhp. In the most economical Econetic version of the five-door needs 3.6 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. With the replacement Mondeo now all versions meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. Even the strong end of the compression-ignition engine range is what does: This is a 2.0 - liter twin-turbo diesel is added with 210 hp. In addition, the Mondeo in combination with the 150-hp and 180 - hp diesel occurs again with all-wheel drive, and.

Starting price now lower than the Passat

With the new versions of 14 motor - gearbox combinations are then available from March 2015 ?? this is the most extensive range of actuators in the 21-year history of the series. Even more Mondeo 2015 versions will be added, namely economical Econetic variants as well as the most luxurious Mondeo Vignale . ( sl)