This is the new Tesla-master plan

Palo Alto (United States), 21 July 2016

Over ten years after Tesla Chief Elon Musk published the first "master plan" for his electric car startup, follow now 'master plan, part deux". In a kind of whimsically-written blog post on Tesla's own website, musk outlined therein, as the company adjusts to a more environmentally friendly and autonomous future. While the plans go far beyond the mere provision of personal transport in the form of cars. The second stage of Tesla's "Master Plan" involves generating and storing solar energy, joining commercial vehicles and public transport, as well as continuous improvements on the subject of autonomous driving. In addition, Tesla customers should in future have the opportunity to earn money by joining self-propelled fleets with their autonomous vehicles.

New model ideas

As regards the extension of its own model program, there are also some interesting news. A vehicle below the advertised model 3 will not be according to musk. The construction of a new compact SUV and a pickup truck are considered safe for it. But the fastest expansion of production capacity, as well as an increase in production efficiency would have absolute priority. Tesla wants to manufacture for the machines in the future who build the cars. Musk has not only the classic automobile market in mind. He sees the need for electric trucks and "urban transport high passenger density", say: for autonomous buses. The concepts of both the truck and the public transport will be shown already 2017. Recently had with the Mercedes ' future bus "presented an autonomous moving transport, according to his own statement in the foreseeable future in series to go.

What's next, autonomously?

Autonomous driving is a major problem. Just for Tesla, which to say the least not necessarily positive headlines on this issue has produced in the last few weeks. Musk promises that all future Tesla vehicles will have a type error backup. This means: no matter what system in the car fails, it will ride safely and without the input of the driver continue. Currently five million kilometers would fed daily by part-autonomous driving Tesla in the permanent learning system. Musk expects, about need for ten billion (!) such kilometres, before the legislation is ready to allow fully autonomous cars. Until then, musk has promised the autopilot in doubt will remain a beta until it has been proven that he's at least ten times safer driving as a person (on the basis of average US accident statistics).

Earn money with car-sharing

Car sharing is the next item on list of musks. In this way, Tesla bypasses the problems, to offer a cheaper car below the approximately 30,000 U.S. dollars-expensive model 3. The subject must however still wait until fully autonomous driving by the authorities was approved. But then, musk sees a future in which you can add his Tesla Smartphone app to a car-sharing fleet. You can imagine probably as a self-propelled over taxi scenario. While you work, sleep, or is on vacation, someone else can use the vehicle. The car takes over driving and plays a money one, which in turn reduces the costs. Even Tesla itself will provide a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Let the Sun in

And then we would be there the topic solar energy. In principle it concerns E-car company and its solar panel company SolarCity merging Elon musks. Musk wants to connect directly to battery "beautiful" solar roofs. All fully integrated, simple Smartphone app available and compatible with Tesla's home energy system power wall. Ambitious plans, how it is used by Tesla Chief Elon Musk. Some of it is already in the near future to imagine, the new model series, for example, or the full integration of solar energy. Other areas such as public transport or the autonomous car-sharing could be significantly longer blockert from the legislation than pioneer musk might think. It is exciting to the pugnacious electric car manufacturer in any case. (black & white)