This is the new Porsche Cayenne

Zuffenhausen, 29. August 2017

The Porsche Cayenne was the last especially in the headlines, because you could not accept it. At least, if a V6 Diesel on Board. This is the best selling, of course, quite so perfectly. You can now press the big Reset button, will come the leaders in Zuffenhausen, therefore, quite located. And thus the stage for the new, third Generation of the big Porsche SUV. At the Start, by the way without the Diesel. A rogue who thinks Evil of it.

Something bigger, something easier

But we devote our time to the facts. The give us – even if you might think it is just when looking at the Front hardly a complete redesign. The Cayenne in 2018, growing at an unchanged wheelbase of 2.90 meters by nearly six inches in length (to 4.92 meters), is a minimal flat and a little bit narrower (1.98 metres). LED headlights are always on, optionally, you get the Porsche Dynamic Light System or fully-variable LED Matrix headlights. Behind the new tailgate with the dashing, meanwhile, the Porsche-typical LED lights band is now a 770-litre load space. The pleasing, 100 liters more than the last. A little less impressive: The weight is reduced in spite of a high aluminum content in the body and the newly developed chassis of only 65 pounds. The base Cayenne brings it on to stately 1.980 pounds.

Two engines for the Start

The engine offer to Start is relatively straightforward. There are two V6 petrol engines that are already out of the Panamera known. Point. The Cayenne will get the 3.0-Liter-Turbo with 340 HP and 450 Newton meters, and accelerates in 6.2 seconds from 0-100 km/h (5.9 seconds with Sport Chrono package) and creates 245 km/h top. In the Cayenne S, the 2.9-Liter Biturbo works with 440 HP and 550 Newton-meters. He pushes the sports-SUV in 5.2 seconds from 0-100 km/h (4,9 with Sport Chrono package) and 265 km/h maximum speed. You have to be a Prophet to predict that the 550-HP V8 Biturbo and a V6 Plug-in should be readjusted in Hybrid with 462 HP quickly. How it looks with the powerful 680-HP Turbo S E-Hybrid and diesel models, you have to wait and see.

New Eight-Speed Automatic

Certainly, Porsche's PTM all-wheel drive with multi-plate clutch and fully variable distribution of power is always series. Is switched with a newly developed eight-speed torque-Converter automatic. The superfixe remains the eight-speed double-clutch from the Panamera from the outside, is mainly due to the fact that the new Cayenne has to take up to 3.5 tons on the hook and the Panamera. In spite of all the SUV's and off - road skills (the new Cayenne has four off-road modes) is the new chassis even more in the direction of driving dynamics. Standard on the Cayenne is a solid steel chassis, the Cayenne S gets an adaptive Setup and against a surcharge, a three-chamber air suspension migrates under the sports-SUV. 19-inch – for the first time as the 911 with mixed tyres – are the new Standard, a maximum of Porsche 21 screwed-inch wheels to the success of the SUV. The same may now. as the limousine brother Panamera suspension electronically the Full scoop A new rear-axle steering and active roll stabilization (48-volts-Board network).

Shiny brakes

The same three choices of 2018er Cayenne on the subject of brake. Top model remains Porsche's monumental ceramic anchors, including the Swabians offer now, however, as a further Option, a world first, called Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB). Behind them a gray cast iron disc with tungsten carbide coating. Advantages: Reflective Discs. Less vain advantages: Increased coefficient of friction, less wear, and brake dust. Apparently, so little brake dust that Porsche painted white, the Ten-piston calipers.

From 74.828 Euro

Probably more important to you: The great Panamera's Cockpit with its 12.3-inch Touchscreen and two digital Seven-inch instrument display moves virtually unchanged in the new Cayenne. The Online Navigation with real time traffic information is also here as a standard. Assistance systems? The Cayenne in the Form of a night vision assistant with thermal imaging camera, track supplies keeping assistants, including traffic sign recognition, a traffic jam assistant, Parking assistant and adaptive cruise control. Ordered the third Cayenne Generation is now. The prices start at 74.828 Euro for the base Cayenne, the Cayenne S will cost at least 91.964 Euro. Live, you can see the car for the first time at the IAA in 2017, the 14. - 24. September takes place in Frankfurt.(sw)