This is the new BMW X5

Munich, 6. June 2018

When the X5 was launched in the year 1999, he was the first all-terrain vehicle from BMW. He was already at that time, a SUV and not a off-roader, because he had lacked a self-supporting body and independent suspension like a Car, and the gear ratio. In November of 2018, starting the fourth Generation, he loses the permanent all-wheel drive – terrain is becoming less and less important, the fuel savings are becoming more and more important.

Slightly larger, but less trunk space

The new Generation will grow by almost four inches to 4.92 meters in length, wheelbase and width and height to take something. However, the storage volume is reduced even slightly – from 650 to 1870 645 to of 1,860 litres. As usual, there is an optional third row of seats that can be used to make the X5 a seven-seater. At the rear, the split tailgate of which the lower part opens downwards.

A higher Grill, and techno instruments display

Visually has not changed much. However, in comparison you can see that the Grill has become much higher. The headlights now have (according to the new BMW style) not round, but hexagonal light-emitting elements. The fog lights are now integrated as horizontal elements in the large lower air intakes. A gigantic Change but it is the new instrument display, which was recently presented. It is very technoid. BMW goes in order of the traditional form of representation in round scales, and represents the speedometer and tachometer in the Form of semi-circles. It is standard on the new X5. This includes a 12.3-inch large Display, as well as the well-known iDrive Controller.

No Hybridization

Little Revolutionary in the engines. In Europe, a gasoline unit and two diesels are offered, all in-line six-cylinder. The 40i with 340 HP it appears the engine from the M140i and M240i. The 30d is, among other things, the X3 is known and brings with a turbocharged 265 HP from 3.0 liters of displacement. From the same volume of the M50d exhausts finally, with the help of four turbo 400 HP loaders. Also, this unit is known, for the M550d. In Europe, the more developed eight-cylinder 50i. Whether this means that the X5 is offered with a V8, we need to wait and see. But we must assume that there will be a Plug-in Version. Otherwise, BMW used the common word for hybridization to the X5, not a single Time.

Euro-6d-Temp is met

As before, the X5 comes only with automatic transmission. The latest variant of the eight-speed Steptronic is to provide an improved gearshift comfort, and has the benefit of the efficiency, an extended Gear ratio range. All of the engines, the sharp emission standard Euro 6d-Temp meet. To do this, the gasoline engine, a particulate filter, while the Diesel are equipped with NOx storage catalytic Converter with Adblue System.

All-wheel drive and air suspension new

All from the Start of the available variants have all-wheel drive – whether there will be a variant with rear-wheel drive as the end-of-sDrive25d, BMW offfen. While the old X5 had (since the first Generation), a permanent all-wheel drive, can deliver the all-new xDrive all-drive the entire power to the rear wheels. For the rear axle, there is a controlled differential lock for the Torque Vectoring. The optional active roll stabilization works well more electro-hydraulically, electro-mechanically. The previous X5 was optional with rear-axle air suspension available. When new, however, there is a desire to take a air suspension for both axles, which should bring more comfort.

For the first time, with the off-road package

For the first time will be offered for the X5 is a off-road package. It includes, in addition to underrun protection, the new air suspension and the above-mentioned rear-axle differential lock as well as site-specific Ads. With an additional button in the centre console, you can select between four terrain modes (Sand, Rock, gravel, snow).

Now series headlights with LED

Instead of Xenon has the X5 is now standard LED light, adaptive, and particularly far-reaching LED headlights, there is a surcharge. New to the X5, the "Driving Assistant Professional", includes, unlike the previous "Driving Assistant Plus" and a lane-keeping assistant. Also, there is the "Integral active steering": The rear-wheel steering should make the car more agile and manoeuvrable. It is, therefore, also as part of the "Adaptive M suspension, Professional" together with the roll stabilization and Torque Vectoring.

Thermo-cupholders and Rearview

Among the technology innovations Thermo-Cup holder with Cooling and warming function for drinks and an unusual Rearview. He takes care of the Steering when reversing and controls up to 80 metres on the same Route as on the outward journey. The System stores the movements of the steering wheel, even over a longer period of time. So the X5 can be maneuvered even on the next day from the Garage.

The key is superfluous

Also new is that you can open the X5 using the NFC function of the mobile phones. So the door opens when you hold the Smartphone to the door handle and the engine will start, once it is in the tray. If you like something, you will also enjoy the Over-the-air Updates to the vehicle software. They can be used directly via the built-in SIM-card downloaded or uploaded to the home in the home Wi-Fi to a Smartphone, and later transfer them to their car. Does not react to the prices of the new X5 BMW. So far, they started at 60.500 Euro for the sDrive25d. The 30d with all-wheel drive it was so far from 66.700 euros.(sl)