This is the new BMW X4

Munich, 14. February 2018

The X4 is a phenomenon. No one we know, find him particularly beautiful. So really, practically, he is not. And yet he is bought incredibly often. 200,000 copies of his middle-class-SUV-coupe sold BMW since the introduction 2014. This is screaming for a sequel. And now it's here. Say Hello to the second Generation of the BMW X4.

Larger, but similarly inclined

Um ... a new car? After just four years? Properly, this is unusual, but it has to do simply with BMW's new, modular CLAR-SUV platform. All Gross from the X3 stands up in the future. And thus, in the American X factory in Spartanburg, not the bare efficiency-Chaos breaks out, hurry up, you are now just a little more. The new X3 has just made the beginning, now everything is greater in short intervals (I.e.,: X5, X7, and X6). And, of course, the all-new X4. The is also larger. Larger than its brother X3, and significantly larger than its predecessor. The length grows by 81 mm to 4.75 meters, the wheelbase of 54 mm to 2.86 metres. He is also almost four inches wider and three inches of flat. All of this is to allow the new X4, of course, emphasizes the dynamic look. BMW calls it "the expression of strong athletes" under the X-models. Who sees him as a slightly crooked dog, has, in our opinion, but also not entirely wrong. The squared-off wheel arches from the X2, the lights a bit crooked to the stub of the rear plump at the end of the roof or the all-new, super-thin LED-rear - (greetings from the Mercedes GLC coupe) – also X4 number Two remains a case for the eccentric.

New M Sport X

The can now choose between four trim levels. "Base", "xLine" and "M Sport" need to be probably none-too-elaborate explanation. "M Sport X". Debut the new package in the trendy, urban X2. Now it will be rolled out over all of Munich-based SUV-coupe. You get a quasi-M-package with mud Flair. Or in other words: the thickness of aprons and big wheels but with shirt-sleeved, additional panelling in grey. Interior of the new X4 gets more practical shelves, more USB Ports, more leg room in the rear (plus 27 mm), as well as more trunk space. Into the compartment 525 up to 1,430 liters. Previously, there were 500 to 1,400 litres. The Rest of the interior is likely to seem from the new X3 is known. Standard is a 6.5-inch Infotainment Screen, at a surcharge the usual 10.25-inch System with Touch moves, voice and gesture control on the X4's dashboard. Already in the X3, it has left a very good impression. Speaking of which, The huge and fantastic Head-up Display, as well as the entire Armada of semiautonomous driver AIDS and connectivity there is in the new X4. Just like a huge panoramic glass roof.

New M-Performance Diesel engine with 326 HP

For jacking a total of three gasoline and four Diesel in the new BMW X4. For the sake of simplicity, all come as standard with eight-speed automatic and xDrive all-wheel drive. And meet all Euro6d. The four-cylinder petrol engine provide 184 (X4 20i) and 252 HP (X4 30i), the four-cylinder Diesel engines with 190 HP (X4 20d) and 231 HP (X4 25d). The six-cylinder Diesel with 265 HP (X4 30d), as well as the X4 M40i with 360 HP. Very new to the program are the M-Performance-diesel X4 M40d with 326 HP and 680 Newton meters. You get a nagelndes M-SUV-coupe that shoots you in 4.9 seconds to 100 km/h. Crazy new world.

Again dynamic

Driving dynamics, the X4 will boast again noticeably more than the new X3. In contrast, he has a "significantly lower vehicle centre of gravity". The advantages over the predecessor: Up to 50 pounds less weight (do not rejoice too soon, this car remains a bit of a mouthful) and ten percent less air resistance. The Cw-value of 0.30 is best-of-Class. A M-sport suspension is the same lock series, such as an electronic differential, and the so-called Performance Control, which takes care of the appropriate force distribution to the rear wheels. There are also Optional Adaptive suspension and the larger M-brake. 18-inch Standard, who has a steel-hard butt, but can also place an order for up to 21-inch wheels. Oh Yes, off-road, the X4 is supposed to have more of it, as it is the vehicle class suggests: 204 mm ground clearance 500 mm fording depth and serious ramps and slope angle (19,4 respectively, to 25.7 and 22.6 degrees) help.

What is the M-models can?

More of everything – at least on paved roads – can also supply with the new X4, the two M Performance models. M40i and M40d get outdoor and the inside a little more Alarm in the optics, at least 20-inch wheels with mixed tyres, M-valve exhaust system for "a distinctive sound development" (we are curious to see how "striking" the Diesel sounds), the eight-speed sports automatic with Launch Control, the M sport differential and a rear-wheel out-wheel drive. Also on Board: An M suspension with stiffer springs and dampers, as well as a more robust set of brake. For a surcharge, the M40i and M40d an adaptive M-suspension, 21-inch, or special High-Performance tires.

World premiere at the Geneva auto salon

X3-Aficionados, the over-look due to the new M-Monster-diesel with envy on the X4, do not need to grieve, by the way. For the market launch of the X4, so August 2018, brings BMW X3 M40d to the dealers. A "real" M variant will be available for the X3 and X4 are well-2019. The world premiere of the new X4 will take place at the Geneva auto salon in March 2018. The prices are not fixed yet. The entry was previously on 49.550 Euro for the X4 xDrive 20d.(sw)