This is the new BMW 8er

Munich, 15. June 2018

Now he is finally here. Really. In its full glory. He will look, if you can buy it from November 2018 to the dealer. Felt pictures of 8 studies, 8-commissioning testing of a prototype, and co. spirits, since the setting of its predecessor through the network. Well, that was 1999, but you'll understand what we mean. A new BMW 8 so. After almost 20 years. His Mission: to BMW again in the Champions League, the elegant luxury-sports coupe. With an emphasis on luxury. And a much bigger emphasis on sports.

Visually, no provocations

Anyone who has hoped for a square, somewhat solitary character pin as the first 8 of 1989, but is disabused. The sharp Tendon of the 2017er study Concept 8 Series so much more is about. The new 8 flows better. Supple as 15 square meters of silk. Although he is clearly positioned above the outlet end 6, the 8 with to 4.84 meters in length and 2.82 meters wheelbase a few inches. On the Front we see a newly shaped XXL-kidney grille with active air shutter and the slot-narrowest spot, to ever wear a BMW. LEDs are series, laser light, there is available at a surcharge. Pretty cool: The hint of a "Double Bubble" on the roof, there are also optional Carbon fibre (a first for a Non-M BMW). At the rear of the new 8-seater could be the ghosts a little bit. To us, at least, is happening here, with the 25 horizontal planes felt clearly too much. And independently, the Whole looks also. Anyway: Anyone interested can trim his 8 with various optics packages in the direction of the Sport or elegance. Lots of chrome, lots of Carbon as you want.

Two engines, rear-biased all-wheel drive

That BMW is faster with the new 8-seater luxury Offensive, you may have now noticed. But because BMW can now change from its BMW-owned skin, the Nobel-athletes also like the devil. "In a competitive environment, a unique range of between inspiring sportiness and Supreme comfort," call it in Munich. We suggest: The new 8-seater S is likely to result-class coupe, Aston Martin DB11 and co. driving dynamics, neat the long spoon. At the Start he does with two engines. A twin-turbo V8 petrol engine in the M850i xDrive, as well as a twin-turbo six-cylinder Diesel in the 840d xDrive. As you can see, with "xDrive" in the name, you get not 8, without all-wheel drive. A pretty rear-wheel-drive stressed, as BMW mentioned, only too happy. After all. The work takes the known wonderful eight-speed automatic that was made for the 8 is still a bit faster and more comfortable. It also has a wider spread of ratios, and what are the consumption Good.

530 HP in the provisional Top 8

On a M8 we will have to wait a little more, but also the previous Top model, the M850i is likely to have the stuff in the Big mitzugeigen. Its 4.4-Liter twin-turbo V8 has been extensively revised, with larger Turbos. 68 HP and 100 Newton meters more are the result. 530 HP between 5,500 and 6,000 rpm and 750 Newton metres between 1,800 and 4,600 rpm, he has in the quiver. Enough for 0-100 km/h in a brisk 3.7 seconds. In addition, BMW promises an "impressive sound development", the valve-controlled exhaust system should have their share. The consumption is, according to BMW at 10.5 litres. Those who sit more often and for longer in his 8-seater, could be with the Diesel happy. The well-known three-liter twin-turbo brings it to 320 HP and 680 Newton meters. The 0-100 km/h, it checks off in 4.9 seconds, with a standard consumption of 5.9 liters. The exhaust gas standard Euro 6d-Temp meet both of you.

A lot of electronics instead of lightweight

Thus, the new 8-seater with all due long-distance comfort whets also neatly around the curve, BMW relies more on a quick grip in the chassis-box of tricks as on the dissolute lightweight. Well, many parts, such as the support structures (front and rear) as well as the roof, doors, hood, and front wall are made of aluminum. A Cockpit-supporting tube made of Magnesium and a Central tunnel made of CFRP. However, the M850i yet it weighs a total of 1,965 pounds of proppere. Need to set it so once more the electronics. For, in principle, dynamic chassis Layout with double-cross join wishbones at the front and a multi-link axle at the rear, adaptive M dampers and a rear-wheel steering. In addition, the 8 "with a maximum fall values on both axes".

M850i gets XXL-brake

The M850i has an electronic locking rear differential. Also only for the Top model you can purchase, on request, an active roll stabilization system, which works on both axles with help from electric swing motors to high tilt forces. The Volvo 850 is on special 20-inch tyres with 245 ' and a 275er tires, and comes from the factory with the M-sport brake that bites in the front with four-piston calipers on the monstrous 395er discs. The 840d rolls out from the factory on 18-inch tyres and can be equipped against surcharge with the thick M-stoppers.

Finally, BMW has digital instruments

And so to the area that is likely to be the most luxury coupe buyers are significantly more important than every to quickly ploughed curve. That's right, we are in the interior. Do not expect flamboyant lined Nobel-Lounge รก la Bentley or Mercedes. The new 8-seater relies on subtle and target-oriented luxury with a few gizmos. According to the just-presented X5 the 8 is the second BMW product, the benefits of the new digital 12.3-inch instrument display. To complement the high-tech experience, with the latest (larger) Generation of BMW's excellent Head-up Display, the well-known 10.25-inch infotainment system, as well as the usual lush Arsenal (Self-)driving AIDS.

Luxury and high-tech

For the feel-good atmosphere that a outrageously expensive GT, such as the 8-seater, equipped with BMW seats, among other things, newly-developed leather, sport, a glass gear lever with light "8" (China will love him) or an optional Bowers&Wilkins diamond Surround-sound system with 1.375 watts and 16 part-lit speakers. The new 8-seater gets its Updates in the future, over-the-air, with the Smartphone unlocking and starbar and a reversing assistant, remembers the straight distance driven (up to 80 meters) and exactly Vice versa, is likely to satisfy even the most Tech-Nerds. Practitioners offers two reasonably usable rear seats, and a 420-litre boot by folding down the rear Bank is a veritable holiday Format. Mark start for the new BMW 8er is in November 2018. The prices start at xxx(sw)