BMW 8er

The BMW 8 (default internal designation E31), a sports coupe with rear axle, was produced between 1989 and 1999 and was the most expensive car in the former BMW model range. Although the BMW was also planned as a 8-seater convertible - a total of three prototypes were built - reached only the BMW 8 - Coupé ready for the market. At the start of production of the BMW 850i was only available with the 300 hp (later 326 hp) twelve-cylinder 750i. From autumn 1992, there were in addition to the very sporty designed BMW 850CSi (380 hp), which was in contrast to the 1993 BMW 850i and the 840i offered exclusively delivered with a manual six-speed gearbox. For fans of the brand of the BMW 850CSi was considered unofficial M8. For the two other BMW 8 - Coupe models, a five-speed automatic was in the program. The BMW 840i was the only 8s, who had no twelve-cylinder engine, but a 4.0-liter V8 engine with 286 hp. He was nachgeschoben by BMW in 1993 to boost sluggish sales of the 8-seater. Overall, only about 30,000 copies were made ​​of the BMW 8-series, despite ten years of construction, which suggests that this coupe will be a coveted collector's item. Who wants to buy a new or used car is right at this website. Here you will also find rare 850i coupes such as the BMW.