This is the Audi Aicon Concept

Frankfurt, 12. September 2017

In Audi's vision of the future – at least in this here – there is no driver, only passengers. You have to see only time in the ILO study Aicon Concept. In the interior, this dashing machine, there is nothing you can control this thing. The Aicon shows us of autonomy-Level 5. That means that he takes care of everything. All of the time. Up to four people can do everything possible that has nothing to do with driving a car. Television, the own Instagram Account, tilling, or – for all incorrigible Workaholics – a Business Meeting. The interior resembles more of the first class of a luxury Airline. At least as long as you don't have to go to the bathroom. A separate Locus, is not, of course, is about the only thing that the Audi Aicon offers.

A Giant Thing

At 5.45 metres in length and 2.10 metres in width, it is unlikely to be huge. And the wheelbase tops the of the current flagship A8 to fat 24 inches. The monstrous 26-inch wheels fit. Sheer size, power also in the interior is noticeable. The seats look more like pieces of furniture, side support does not seem to be their great strength. They are swivel and widely displaced. Good for the communication and the entry/exit. Self-drive is no longer in the Aicon necessary, an electronic driver assistance (called PIA; according to Audi, is very emphatic), there are still. She recognizes the occupants of the Smartphone and makes him his personal settings. Service Interfaces are variably positionable in the circumferential door panels. Is operated by touch, voice command or eye-capturing. For this purpose, the Aicon has a large main display. Alternatively, but also just the front wheel can be used by virtually inserted spiegeltem Head-up Display as a screen. For those who prefer the dark: The glass Aicon-roof surfaces due to electrical voltage dimming.

No Headlights

More – by today's standards, a rather strange-looking – forward Features: The Aicon Concept has no headlights. Instead, there is digital display surfaces on which you can represent anything possible. Warnings for pedestrians or the current driving mode (horizontal strips of light, visualize Accelerating or braking), for example. His Laser and radar sensors to see in the dark enough. The user gets at night, lit him a Mini-drone the footpath. Sounds kind of weird. And a bit scary.

Four electric motors, 350 HP

For all the Sci-Fi-Ness of the Audi Aicon Concept to the Autonomous giant bump also somehow. And this happens with four electric motors, each of which drives a wheel and it to 350 HP and 550 Newton-meters. You will see: acceleration and maximum Speed are not prioritized in a fully Autonomous driving environment really. The Aicon is to come up with a load of between 700 and 800 miles. If it is empty, it searches for its charging station. And thanks to its high-voltage system of 800 volts, it should be refueled within 30 minutes, 80 percent of "full".

A Lot Of Comfort, Mini Turning Circle

Is slowed down the Aicon Concept primarily on recuperation. Electrically powered actuators at all four wheels to reduce the inclination of the Body. Support you as a "full-active suspension system", the adaptive air suspension in your work. According to Audi, the "hanging of the Aicon, even over large potholes formally". Another Bonus: Audi's Autonomous future vision has two axes of steerable and thus, despite a XXL wheelbase, a Wndekreis of only 8,50 meters. Of course, the Aicon Concept is only a demonstration object and far away from series production. But it shows where the trip funds - goes up in the long term.(sw)