This is S the Novitec Rosso N-Largo

Stetten, 28 April 2016

You can understand it is difficult. So a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is not totally boring and above all not totally slow car from home from now times. But that's not enough the high end tuner Novitec Rosso long. Therefore he sets up a special series of F12 Berlinetta in eleven copies now, the N-Largo S calling. Granted, the Super athletes do here quite a bit, but you also have to like it. The new lines were drawn by Vittorio Strosek, the man who has made a name for around 30 years ago with more or less beautiful extensions of various Supercars. The wide body Pope Strosek himself mamma mia.

Wide body by Strosek

You can only leave on this ass: tight 14 cm in the width of the rear of the car is growing. The front axle has grown to seven centimeters contributes to the total width of now 2.08 meters. The body kit was implemented including fenders, bumpers, sills, hood, diffuser and wing with the same light as stable material carbon. Thanks to extensive wind tunnel tests, the carbon-fiber package not only provides astonished looks on the Boulevard, but also for an annual reduction of buoyancy.

More steam for the Italian

To bring the driving performance of the F12 on the stand with the brutal optics, the technician at Novitec have turned neatly on the power screw. From standard 740 HP tuner insane 781 makes horsepower. The torque rises from 690 to 722 Newton metres. These values thanks to new maps for the 6.3 liter V12 engine and a Novitec exhaust system are achieved. It is equipped not only with a throttle control, but can be ordered also in the particularly light material Inconel. So, about ten kilograms can be saved compared to the standard system. The sum of the modifications can be the 0-100 km/h Sprint in 3.0 seconds tackle the Supersport (ex works are 3.1 seconds). Top speed increased to 350 km/h to 10 km/h.

Forged rims and lowering

The wheel arches of the N-Largo S fill Novitec forged wheels in five-spoke design. The rims come in dimensions 9.5 x 21 inch front and 12 x 22 inches on the rear axle. Using a sport chassis, the F12 is set to approximately four centimeters deep. These four centimeters can raise itself with a "lift system" on the front axle, to safely maneuver the Ferrari about dangerous places such as, for example, speed bumps. (mf)