This Chevy punching air holes

Detroit (USA), 21 February 2016

The ZL1 Chevrolet is the top model of the Mustang Camaro competitor from the House. With 650 Horsepower of the Ami is likely to make hot hell even seasoned Super athletes. Now we finally know what has the ZL1 in terms of top speed on it.

650 Horsepower and 318 km/h

The Camaro top model ZL1 with 650 Horsepower from a 6.2 liter V8 is as a Coupé and as a convertible. For the closed version, Chevrolet calls around 56,000 and 62,400 euros round for the open Variant. Otherwise, no other sports car offers a such PS to-euro ratio. The official top speed of 198 miles per hour are equivalent to 318 km/h achieved the ZL1 on the high speed oval of the automobile testing facility in the Lower Saxony Papenburg. Based on a passage in both directions of the oval were needed to determine an average value without the influence of headwinds. The ZL1 creates the 0-100 Sprint in 3.5 seconds.

The competitive environment

Now so we know which top speed value in the registration document of the ZL1 will stand. But what about the competition? For comparison: A Corvette C7 Z06 creates 315 km/h, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, however, is to bring it to 320 km/h. The Camaro ZL1 so is in good company. Small downside to the conclusion: whether it really creates the ZL1 to Germany, is still not sure on the base Camaro Chevy fans but ever rejoice. (mf)