Thick Ring-Ding

Munich, 14 August 2014

As for the pure engine power, the Z / 28 is in the Chevy Camaro pecking order only the number two. PS - Boss is the Camaro ZL1, the 6.2 - liter supercharged V8 makes 588 hp and 754 play brutal Newton meters. In all other respects, the Z / 28 but the aggressive a step ahead. Finally, its 507 hp and 637 Newton meters come from a sucking huge V8 with seven liters and on the Nordschleife it is with a time of 7:37 minutes, a good four seconds faster than his forced ventilated series - brother.

About 130 pounds lighter

The projection is likely to be due mainly to a radical diet that facilitates the Z / 28 to all 136 kilos. But the new 19 - inch wheels save nearly 20 pounds. In addition, one seeks comfort gadgets like a GPS, electric seat adjustment or automatic air conditioning ( at extra costs ) in vain. This goes along with optimized aerodynamics, 305 / 30 Pirelli Trofeo semi-slick tires, a Brembo ceramic brakes and an electronically controlled suspension.

Geiger is 113 hp

However, if the desire for more pepper standing in the room, Geiger Cars can now help. The Munich American veteran Karl Geiger and his engineers namely have a performance kit for the Camaro Z / 28 developed which brings the giant eight-cylinder engine to an impressive 620 hp at 6,500 rev / min and 725 Nm at 5,600 rev / min. The engine conversion costs 13,000 Euros and lasts two days. The right and immediately available Camaro Z / 28 provides Geiger Cars from 98,000 euros . ( sw )