The Wolfsburg Version of the Audi Q2

Wolfsburg, 23. August 2017

He is now the Polo SUV or the Golf SUV? Long, we have broken about the VW T-Roc with the head, now there is finally some real information as a basis: We have all the essential data and a lot of pictures of the new model.

Wheelbase as the Q2

The T-Roc is based on the Modular transverse Toolkit, which brings us to the question, Polo SUV, or Golf-SUV, since the Polo is also based on the MQB. VW files the T-Roc into the compact segment and in the 20,000-Euro-class. The price of the car is slightly under the Audi Q2. The dimensions are similar to those of Q2: The wheelbase is 2.603 mm, which are only two millimeters difference with the Q2, and a Millimeter of difference from the (three-door) A3. And: the wheelbase of The novice, is only two inches shorter than the Golf, the difference to the Polo, is almost six inches. The classification in the compact class is not wrong, but the most useful classification as Equivalent to Q2.

About as long as a Golf, but higher

The T-Roc is 4.23 meters about as long as a Golf, the height of 1.57 meters, is of course larger, and also slightly larger than that of Q2 (1,51 meters). That might be the reason for this is that the trunk volume 445 to 1.290 liters is the maximum value that is greater than that of Q2 (405 to 1050 liters). The also relatives models Seat Ateca (510 to EUR 1,604 litres) and Skoda Karoq (521 to 1.630 litre) offer even more storage space.

Almost the same engines as in Q2

The engine range is with the Q2 are virtually identical, the only difference being that the new 1.5 TSI (with cylinder deactivation) replaces the 1.4 TSI (with cylinder deactivation). On the petrol side, the 1.0 TSI with 115 HP, the 1.5 TSI with 150 PS and 2.0 TSI with 190 HP, on the diesel side, the 1.6 TDI with 115 HP, the 2.0 TDI with 150 or 190 HP. The strongest versions of each of which is coupled with all-wheel drive, in the middle, it's optional, while the basic engines are always front-wheel drive. For exhaust gas purification in a Diesel VW still says nothing, probably only the four-wheel drive, as in Q2, an Adblue System, the front-wheel-drive, a storage catalytic Converter.

As a Targa bar disguised C-pillar

The slightly coupé-like appearance reminds us of the rear-most roof pillar to the Audi Q2. She reminds me a little of a Targa bracket and is painted in the body color, while the Q2 silver or black. During the Q2 variants with and without black scratch protection strips on the wheel arches, the VW is always with them. In addition, a chrome bar as a bracket on the side here. There is also a striking hexagonal LED lights under the headlamps (shown in the pictures) top version. This is the function of daytime running lights and turn signals. The basic version has a horizontal daytime running lights and separate turn signals. Bi-Color exterior paint with contrasting roof (four color variants, including A-pillars and exterior mirrors).

Colored Cockpit

With regard to the equipment, the T-Roc, a number of assistants (City emergency braking system and lane keep assist as standard, the optional traffic jam assistant), and other high-tech tools (optional adaptive dampers excitation DCC, Active Info Display, 8.0-inch Central display screen, LED headlamps, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control). The Q2 offered Head-up Display is missing here. The Cockpit reminds you with the colored dashboard strongly to the VW Polo. As with the Tiguan, there is in the centre console, 4Motion versions of a rotary Knob for setting the four-wheel drive. The three facilities hot T-Roc, Style and Sport, the latter build on the basic version and not each other. Added to this is a R-Line package.

As long as a compact car

The T-Roc is related to the Q2 so tight, that the question of the meaning. He is certainly further proof that the group wants its SUV range across all brands reduce. For the buyer, it is essential that these cars are about as long as the compact, but a higher Seating position and a somewhat interesting appearance. The prices are similar to the Q2 1.0 TSI is even a couple of Hundred euros cheaper than the equivalent A3.

Above or below the 20,000 Euro threshold?

It may be assumed that the ratio of the T-Roc to the Golf is similar. Then, the entry-level T-Roc would be about the same level as the Golf 1.0 TSI with 110 HP, so just under 20,000 euros. However, since the corresponding Seat Ateca is 19.990 Euro, we will assume that the VW, the magic of 20,000 euros threshold is a little exceed. Market launch is in November 2017, for Europe is produced in the Portuguese plant of Setúbal, in addition, the car will be built in China, where small SUVs are also very in demand. With T-Roc, VW Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace, Atlas/Teramont (in the USA and China), Touareg VW now has five SUVs. The study T-Prime Concept featured car is likely to replace from 2018 onwards the Touareg.(sl)