The Twins: Seat Cordoba Volkswagen Polo

We know: usually, we concentrate in this section on the more notable collaborations in place of zustermodellen within the group. However, still just hang out, because with this combination of Seat and Volkswagen is something special going on.

The story is more complicated than it seems. The Polo 6N, either the third generation, said namely although its platform with the Seat Ibiza, but there it was on the outside nothing to see. The Polo was a recognizable body with a very vertical tailgate, while the Seat is a fully private body with a flatter landscape window, and a remarkably high shoulder line.

If we look further than the hatchbackversies, take the Seat, however, emphatically the pipe. The Ibiza appeared as a sedan and station wagon under the name of Cordoba and Cordoba Vario, and that expansion also saw Volkswagen to be for its compact model. Instead of a whole own version, they chose in 1995, however, simply the said Seats at the throat grab and a Polo-like nose. The difference between the nose of a Polo Sedan and Polo hatchback seems at first glance at least, but anyone could recognize the smaller headlights of the Ibiza. On the back is different from the four-door Polo stronger of his Spanish brother, thanks to a striking 'pinch' in the trunk. Moreover, it was the Polo Sedan there never as one, while the Cordoba is version was.

Also in the station wagons is the difference to the rear immediately to see, but here there were fewer surgical interventions are required. The Variant of Volkswagen has a smooth, tight cover, and narrow, vertical light clusters, while the lights of the Cordoba Vario with each other are connected by a red lightbar. However, if you look closely, you can see that under the shorter Seat-rear individual panels are made to fill, so that the Polo-copies here (if that particular desire presents itself) without welding or sawing can be mounted.

Probably the most well-known car within this cosy tête-à-tête is, however, no passenger car, but a customer. The Seat Inca and Volkswagen Caddy back on the same way on each other's technique and even have an identical back. The differences were greater when Seat decided in 1999 to its compact models of a new nose. The real Polo underwent in 2000 also an extensive facelift, but that was for obvious reasons never implemented on the versions that are actually from the Seat stable came. Although, never? In South America, the Polo Classic for years to come sold with a VW version of the nose on the facelifted Cordoba shines. There understand probably no one, so for clarification a photo of this samenwerkingsparel.

Given the similarities and the popularity of both the Seat Ibiza and the Volkswagen Polo among young people, it is actually remarkable that there is seldom a Ibiza with a Polo Sedan-grille spotted. If you still wondering how an Ibiza hatchback with a Vw nose looks like, only need to "Volkswagen Polo Playa" in tapping into the search bar at the top. The hatchbackversie of these twins was between 1996 and 2002 by Volkswagen South Africa preferred to the real Polo of those years and is only there lined.