The NIO EP9 is so strong

London (England), November 22, 2016

The E-car-manufacturer next EV has presented his new brand of NIO together with a new electric super sports car of the public in London. How super is the athletes, proves the company with a new lap record on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. We have all the information about the new NIO EP9.

1,360 HP and 1,480 nm

The chassis of the EP9 was completely made of carbon fiber, to keep the weight as low as possible and the security at the same time to lift a maximum. So, the two-seater meets the security standards of the LMP1 race car class, which is, for example, at the 24 hours of Le Mans at the start. Four electric motors provide 1,360 HP, what corresponds exactly to one megawatt. The torque is at huge 1,480 Newton metres. Thanks to the enormous power the EP9 sprints in 2.7 seconds to 100 km/h, up to 300 km/h, the Sprint takes just 15.9 seconds. However beat the batteries, which should provide for a range of up to 427 kilometers also neatly on the weight. The EP9 weighs 1,735 kilograms, only 635 of them are due to the batteries that either replace or fully recharge in 45 minutes.

Nordschleife record

To prove how fast is the EP9, rented the company end of October 2016 the Nürburgring Nordschleife and sent ex-DTM and Le Mans Pro Peter Dumbreck on a timed lap. The result can be seen: with 7: 05,12 minutes the next EV athlete is slower than the Porsche 918 and officially just eight seconds the fastest electric car in the Green hell. Also the sophisticated aerodynamics with under floor diffuser and the active suspension may have had a large share of it. The previous record for electric cars, by the way, was 7:22 minutes and was hit with a radical converted by Toyota on E technology.

1.1 million for a better world

The EP9 should initially be built for the Chinese market and success come also to Europe and the United States. Six copies are planned, the unit price is equivalent to EUR 1.1 million. We are curious to see whether the EP9 can assert, or is in the long series of announced E-projects must classified, yet did not exist at the end.

China and America

Next EV is a Chinese-American start-up companies, which brought experts from the global electrical industry on board. Among other things, an ex-Tesla-Manager and a designer of BMW should belong to the company. The development sites are located in London, Beijing, California, Shanghai and Munich. From the Bavarian State capital is also the head designer of NIO, Kris Tomasson. Next EV is funded from multiple sources. Among other things, the uber-investor Hillhouse capital and the Chinese Internet company Tencent belong to the lenders. Since 2014 next EV is also with its own team in the formula E at the start. (mf)