The high S

Stuttgart, November 4, 2015

If you have not noticed: Since 2012 there is the current generation of the large Mercedes SUVs GL. The same now gets a facelift, which is also a name change goes hand in hand. The Mercedes GL is now called Mercedes GLS. That Daimler seven seater SUV XXL this country is flying a bit under the radar, is mainly because that there is a seven-seater SUV XXL. 5.13 meters in length and over 1.93 meters width may go through in the US as a rather small to normal, however, in European cities, they are a nuisance. Nevertheless, Mercedes seems quite happy with his practical flagship to be ( in the US is the GL market leader in its segment ), which is why it appears as if the extra " S " on behalf of almost the biggest facelift measure.

For the purposes of family

Quite as it is not natural, but the changes to the exterior fall but pretty cautiously. There is a new front, which makes it a little rounder and markengesichtiger the GLS. And there is a new rear ( aprons and taillights ), which does exactly the same thing. Whom the optical power of the GLS is not sufficient, which is likely to be happy about the AMG package that other bumpers, fender flares, running boards and 21-inch wheels includes.

Edler and modern living

Inside there are the same conditions as before ?? monumental space three rows of seats, up to 2,300 liters of cargo space, up to 2.12 meters load length ??, but they are somewhat noble packed. New materials, new trim and fancier leather upholstery (optional two-colored or with diamond quilting ) should scream louder than before, " upper class ". As with most other Mercedes models now also sits the typical eight-inch tablet infotainment screen on the center console. On request, it displays everything that the latest generation of the COMAND system with all kinds of online features has so drauf. Cockpit trinkets are a new steering wheel, a ionization system for better air or the so-called Magic Vision Control, " a heated, adaptive wiper system " if at some point no longer bring even the optional LED headlights the desired insight.

New off-road mode

Technically, the Mercedes GLC renewed mainly by optimizing the standard air suspension. The adaptive dampers now respond more sensitively and are available on request a roll stabilization with active anti-roll bars. The highlight: The now indispensable driving modes are now on board. You have six pieces, to be exact: " Comfort ", " smoothness ", " Sport ", "Individual" and " off ". Mode number six is called " Offroad + " and is linked to the purchase of the optional off-road package. There is a range gearing, a locking center differential and more climbing bonus for the air suspension. 306 millimeters of ground clearance should be sufficient for more serious mud orgies.

No plug-in hybrid

With the launch of the Mercedes GLK in March 2016 three petrol and one diesel will be available. A plug-in hybrid one looks comically vain. Entry-level model is the GLS 350 d with the 258 - hp V6 diesel. In rank of GLS 400 with biturbo V6 and 333 hp and the GLS 500 with 4.7 - liter twin-turbo V8 and 455 hp. All are equipped with all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Is and remains the flagship AMG GLS makes 63. Its 5.5 - liter twin-turbo V8 now 585 hp ( 28 hp more than before ) and 760 newton meters. Over a seven-speed automatic, the power goes out to a rather hecklastig designed four-wheel drive.

Prices remained virtually unchanged

The new Mercedes GLC is largely unrivaled as the old Mercedes GL in Europe. The next to him come the Audi Q7 or US exotics like the Cadillac Escalade. Their price anyway you turn only marginally in Stuttgart. Let's go from 74,792 euros for the GLS 350 d. The AMG GLS 63 is to have from 135 065 euros . ( sw )