The glorious seven

Hamburg, December 14, 2015

Trophies for cars, there are a dime a dozen. But some among the classics whose income is really important. For example, the " Car of the Year ", English named "Car of Year". Here select a total of 58 journalists from 22 European countries ( including six from Germany ) the winner who will be announced in early March in advance of the Geneva Motor Show. Now you know which vehicles have made it into this year's finals.

No VW in the final

Nominated were 35 innovations of 2015, including the Ford Mustang or the VW Touran. Last year's winner VW did not make it but as well as the cult - Ami finals. There vying seven models for the crown. The race could be closely overlooking the finalists. They come from five nations: Germany is represented three times, once each United Kingdom, Japan, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

It started with Rover

Therefore, one can only wonder who is the " Car of the Year " 2016th In the past, the competition for surprises was good. The 2015er - vote for the VW Passat was expectable, but not the victory of the Peugeot 308 in 2014. The first winner ever was anno 1964 Rover 2000 the first title for Germany took 1968 NSU Ro 80. 1978 secured as so far only sports car, the Porsche 928 to victory. Among the winners, but also included the Ford Escort ( 1981) or the Citro├źn XM (1990 ) . ( rh )