The future of urban flirting

Stuttgart, 31. August 2017

Neither the car nor street cars or buses are to dominate in the city of the future, but an individualized Form of public transport, believes Smart. A vehicle for the Vision EQ Fortwo, show, the Stuttgart at the auto trade fair, the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017).

More Sophisticated Car-Sharing

In essence, the study shows how a car-sharing could develop the concept (such as, for example Car2Go by Daimler), by the Autonomous Driving. Unlike today, users no longer need to go in the future, to the next free car, but you will be picked up from the car, thinks Smart. The swarm intelligence of the connected car enables a forecast of the expected demand. The vehicle is probably already in the vicinity. Since the cars are always on the road, reduce Parking-related traffic and the need for Parking areas.

The car automatically moves to the Charging

Powering the car electrically. The Lithium-ion battery can store 30 kilowatt-hours. When the charge is low and it allows the utilization controls of the car independently to a charging station. Alternatively, the cars can also give inductive current and thus the power to relieve.

The car as a single stock exchange?

Bring the Vision of EQ Fortwo is called via a Smartphone. That it is the right vehicle, the passenger Indicators on the Front and on the side. An additional benefit as a Dating platform could have the study. After all, who wants to, can contact to someone else and so casually with other Singles come in contact with. Possible passengers are proposed on the basis of their stored Profiles and the current travel requests and can be accepted or rejected. On the large Display in the interior, then common interests, such as last concert visits or sports to be displayed.

A bluish pearl in white version

The two-seat Vision EQ fortwo has about the dimensions of the current Fortwo. The exterior to dominate areas reminiscent of a pearl with version: Large, bluish glass, around it there is a round, white body. Up to the vehicle floor down glazed doors can be opened by pivoted parallel to the longitudinal axis of the car to the rear. This door concept also reduces the risk that the ill-considered Opening the door a cyclist or Jogger is at risk.

No steering Wheel: Also a hygienic advantage

As the first study of the Daimler group, the show completely abandons the steering Wheel and pedals. The vehicle functions with the personal Smartphone, or by voice controlled – just in the cold time is also a hygienic advantage. Instead of Seats, there is a lounge-like bench seat with folding centre armrest – probably a further advantage of the Flirting of the future.(sl)