The digital reality in mind

Munich, April 9, 2015

Analog instruments and switches already include many car manufacturers of the past. Now obstruct screens with touch function in the center console behind the wheel animates a digital canvas what used to be made ​​a simple pointer and a head-up display projects important information into the driver's field of vision. All this led to an unprecedented digital networking between car and driver ?? or even the smartphone. Now wants Mini go along with the chip maker Qualcomm one step further and presents at the Auto Shanghai 2015 ( April 22 to 29 ) special glasses before: Mini Augmented vision.

Classic Head-up display functions

The prototype is to bridge the gap between Augmented Reality ( augmented reality ) and the typical brand mini lifestyle according to the manufacturer. So the Spekuliereisen was designed directly from the mini design studios. The packaged therein technology projects relevant information in the direct field of vision. These include the classic, already known by today's head-up display functions such as displaying the current speed, speed limits, easier navigation information.

Augmented Reality including new features

In addition, the glasses shows interesting places along the route or even free parking. For incoming voice or text messages a small icon appears in the glasses and the car reads requested the message before. It just is not in the vehicle, a digital Sehwerkzeug shows the route from the current location to the car. If that is still not enough augmented reality, which can also enjoy the view through virtual vehicle parts such as the A-pillar or doors. Similarly, the image of the built-in right vehicle mirror camera can throw into view. So the car could be virtually invisible ?? virtually sees itself ?? and parallel parking is for many the real breeze. (ml)