The C -X75 will never die

London, December 16, 2014

Whether this information with the stolen screenplays of the new James Bond film " Spectre " related? While 007 trusts in his next strip on an Aston Martin DB10, his rogue-like opponent must in an equally cool vehicle driving on the loose. We are talking about eingestampften Hybrid Supercar Jaguar C-X75, which gives a sensational comeback for the cult series. Rarely fit Jaguars slogan " Good to be bad " better.

V8 engine instead of complex hybrid

Apparently, a team at Jaguar is already working to bring the few working prototype of the C-X75 for filming in the form. One of the main tasks will be to replace the complex hybrid system of the super sports car from Jaguar's proven 5.0 - liter supercharged V8. A step that the British probably already have at the start of the failed C-X75 project into consideration to draw.

Even with Jaguar Bond past

The villain in the 24th Bond film called " Spectre " is a character named Franz Oberhauser, embodied by the Austrian actor Christoph Waltz. According to unconfirmed rumors Oberhauser should be the head of the fictional criminal organization SPECTRE and turn out in the course of the film as Bond's nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The C-X75 will therefore not be the only cat in the movie. In a Bond film not anyway, because as Aston Martin and Jaguar was linked to 007 past. A Jaguar XKR was already in " Die Another Day " in 2002 as a rogue car. In addition, a Jaguar XJ8 appeared in several Bond films and the current top-class model Jaguar XJ mixed in the 2012 Bond movie " Skyfall " with. " Spectre " is slated for release on October 29, 2015 . (sw)