The best mixtures for the windscreen washer system

Stuttgart, 13 November 2014

Before the first frost will 's high time to consume the summer cleaner in the windshield washer fill and winter windscreen cleaners. Whether one mixes itself or relies on ready-mix, is only a matter of convenience. For providers produce their ready-cleaner even from concentrate and softened water.

Sonax, Aral and Shell are "highly recommended"

The GTÜ Society for Technical Supervision has compared ten winter window cleaner. Five concentrates and five mixes were on. Clear test winner was the concentrate " Antifreeze & clear view " of Sonax, followed by Aral - concentrate " Clear View Winter " and the Shell - ready mix " Winter transparent ". The three were "highly recommended " rating by the experts with the highest rating. This was followed with the assessment "recommended" two well-known brands, namely OMV and nigrin with their concentrates " CARISTAL Winter " and " disc antifreeze Turbo " and placed as number five in between ?? ?? the ready " Washer fluid additive with antifreeze " of Cartechnic, a brand by wholesalers in the free vehicle spare parts market. On the following places landed "conditionally recommended " products Stock Meier " Stobi Freeze Windscreen Antifreeze ", Kerndl " Antifreeze & Windscreen ", Robbyrob " Clear View Fertigmix " and Eurolub " slices - frost protection Ready Mix ".

Test - dirt from soot and oil

The disc cleaners were tested in an inviting bench under winter conditions. As a test - dirt is a mixture of soot, silicone oil and surfactants have been used ?? for winter window cleaner a real challenge. Not always the dirt dissolves immediately, then the wipers smear initially only. Here the concentrate " Antifreeze & clear view " section of the winner, by Sonax, on top. He submitted two wipe cycles with five wiper strokes. The worst competitors had not yet made ​​their task even after ten cycles. It also affects the cost per cleaning. Since Sonax was 19 cents before all competitors, although it by no means one of the Billigheimern when comparing prices per liter.

Never use pure concentrates

But in the test it was also about the manual handling and odor. So is not clear to everyone that concentrates should not be used in pure form. As well, if it is specifically noted and not appropriate mixing tables with information on the application to minus 60 degrees to give the impression that one could sensibly concentrates also neat Fill the wash tank. In terms of handling smaller containers, pouring aids and child-resistant closures are useful. Large differences also in the odor assessment: Some cleaners resulted in sniffing testers downright discomfort. Of course, to window cleaner left no damage to paint or plastic and hard water in mixing show no turbidity. Here the testers determined that all cleaners good to very good properties. The results in detail, please refer to the attached table. ( sl )