The 24 hours of Le Mans 2016

Le Mans (France), June 15, 2016

It's happening again: on 18 and 19 June 2016 increases the now 84. edition of the 24-hour race of Le Mans. After three qualifying sessions on Wednesday and Thursday the 59 vehicles goes strong field on Saturday on the journey twice around the clock. We have summarized everything sports car longest day of the year.

LMP1 with three factory teams

The main attention of the TV cameras should reach as always the fastest class of the LMP1 cars. There Porsche and Toyota compete alongside the three manufacturer teams of Audi, also the two Privateers ByKolles racing and rebellion racing. 2015 still three Audi and three Porsche at the start, went the VW Group will return now somewhat its motor sports activities after the diesel scandal for 2016. It so happens that the record winner title holders vehicle Porsche not with Nico Hülkenberg goes at the start. For this among other things the current sports car champion and former Formula 1 star Mark Webber sits on the car with the number one.

Outsider chances

Although the cars are traded most by Audi and Porsche at the pure speed and the stability, but also Toyota may make hopes of winning. With greater reliability and some carvers of the competition, the troupe from Japan could succeed a success. Play among other things the former Formula 1 driver Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Kamui Kobayashi for Toyota. Who wager with a pinch of risk accidentally want, who should sit on a podium of a private team. The pace not on par with the manufacturers, the rebellion team could drive but with Nick Heidfeld through racing intelligence and a durable car forward. The weather could be the race properly mess, because: "It's always raining in Le Mans". The project of in recent years, driven with the largest media effort is missing, by the way: the front-wheel drive Nissan LMP1 was secretly, silently and quietly pulped because the concept simply didn't work.

Full House in the LMP2

In the second division of the prototypes of the LMP2 class go 2016 not less than 23 cars at the start. Is here extremely difficult to forecast, but two winning candidates have already emerged: the newcomer RGR-sport with the strong driver pairing to Bruno Senna and ex-DTM driver Filipe Albuquerque meets on the experienced force of Signatech Alpine racing. In the LMP2 class, also go a lot of other well known riders at the start. In addition to Audi factory driver René Rast, which could snag 2016 no cockpit in the LMP1, occur, including ex-F1 star Witali Petrov and the former French international goalkeeper Fabien Barthez at the Sarthe.

Battle of the Giants in the GTE Pro

We can change from the prototype to the GT cars. Here is also divided into two classes: GTE Pro and GTE-am. The former is reserved for the factory teams and 2016 will provide tough fights without regard for losses, excitement and even more drama. The field is so big like never before: 14 factory cars go in the GTE Pro at the start. In addition to the last year's winner with Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner, and Jordan send Corvette Taylor also Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Ford its car at Le Mans. The Ferrari 488 is the fastest car and 2016 already won the dress rehearsals in Silverstone and Spa, however must be the smallest tank. Porsche sends itself but rather due to their always good durability make two work penalty in the race, which should in the years vehicles underdog hopes. The biggest question mark is behind the new Ford GT. Four of the fresh racer go at the start. One is driver side more than well positioned with Stefan mosquito, Andy Priaulx, Sébastien Bourdais, and many more. Another question is whether the cars but hold out.

Herrenfahrer in the GTE-am

Last but not least: the GTE am class. There several amateurs share the car with maximum a pilot with gold or platinum status. Five Ferrari are a duel here with four Porsche as well as two Corvette and two Aston Martin. In the past there has been controversy about it again and again, whether the amateurs have grown enormous speed differences to the LMP cars, as it often came to hard collisions between fast and slow cars.

Television, on-site or public viewing?

Who wants to look at the lively hustle and bustle on the 13-kilometer course as Daheimgebliebener, for which there are several ways. The TV channel transmits Eurosport almost the entire race, but also manufacturers such as Porsche and Audi offer on their websites with onboard footage and additional information on live streams. Who is on the way, look at the race in the paid "WEC app" on your Smartphone or tablet. The coolest opportunity: Public viewing at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart including catering, free of charge, and sleeps for a NAP in between. Start is at 15: 00 on Saturday: gentlemen, start your engines! (mf)