Test - Peugeot 308 Alors - it works!

Alors - it works!

Many years were the French as foreign language objectors. That has now changed, the youth speaks English and in the boardrooms of the automotive industry has many " German " has prevailed as a reference. So also with the Peugeot 308

The lion in the badge of the car manufacturer Peugeot hissed the last few years quite hoarse. The sales figures declined steadily, not only in the important market of Germany, but also in the home. Therefore, high expectations are placed on the available since September 2013 new 308: The Compact will help to revive the traditional brand long term. Whether he has what it takes? We asked the Golf competitor with the 115 kW/156 hp turbo for practical testing.

First impression: The designers have done a good job. Where its predecessor - which incidentally also heard on the digits 308 - was still dominated by the rather intrusive to attention-seeking design, the new is almost inconspicuous, therefore, is based on more or less timeless design of the top dogs VW Golf. But only almost, where the Wolfsburg acts already bored, you risk quite a number of admiring glances on the elegant bodywork of the French. Succeeded is particularly light graphics. The driven of us in the highest trim level " Allure " standard LED lights are eye-catcher.

The lines that began with the small car 208, which only 4.25 meter long car is good. The fact that it may actually not overstretched the compact dimensions, even with many a " small car " in dimensions from bumper to bumper record, is only identified when taking a seat in the rear noticeable. Click here for not very airy, the sloping roofline takes its toll and demands for long adult a humble head posture. Too clunky footwear you should not wear on the rear seats, otherwise your feet really do not fit well under the front seats. Unfavorable shoes but you can stow safely in the trunk, which offers already in the basic position ample volume (420 liters).

© PeugeotDas interior is well made and of high quality   The front passengers can not complain about lack of space. The seats are comfortably firm, provide proper lateral support and suggest a sporty attitude. The small and handy, already known from the 208 steering wheel, does its part to feel more in karting as a family car. It overlooks the valance on the instruments. Why, however, the pointer of the tachometer counter-clockwise does its job, does not open up even after prolonged reflection. Contrast, shows the further viewing of the dashboard another novelty. Peugeot Citroen has already as its sister model, C4 a 9.7-inch large touch screen instead of many control buttons integrated into the center console. The screen is divided into similar colored tiles like the I-Phone or Windows 8 interface. It can be a finger print various functions such as climate, navigation, on-board computer, telephone, music, or the driver assistance systems operate. The idea is fine just the practical implementation is not acting very mature. To move about a radio station, you have to cumbersome to penetrate into the depths of the system. Here the engineers could tinker a little at a simplified handling.

But apart from this small control weakness: the interior is well made and high quality. Because of course the comfort level " Allure " has its share. As well as a big screen, including automatic climate control, navigation system, lots of chrome trim, 17-inch wheels, fog and the aforementioned LED headlights. In conjunction with the currently most powerful gasoline engine, the 115 kW/156 hp turbo 308 so equipped costs from 24,300 euros.

The turbo fits well with the overall snappy impression of the 308th The small weakness in the lower speed range does not really bother and can be remedied by switching diligent work. The tangy petrol has no other troubles with the compact vehicle (Vmax: 213 km / h ). The suspension tuning is more athletic than kommod, resulting from transverse joints greetings to your buttocks remind the driver that you are not in a sports car still in a touring sedan on the road. So North Up, remains mpg also in the frame. Our test car approved, on average, 7.5 liters, almost two liters more than the stated standard consumption.

A total of 308 left a positive impression. Well then, ça va ....

Peugeot 308 - Specifications:

Five-door, five-seat sedan in the compact class, length: 4.25 meters Width: 1.80 meters ( with exterior mirrors: 2.04 meters ) Height: 1.46 meters Wheelbase: 2.62 meters Boot capacity: 420-811 liters

1.6-liter gasoline engine, 115 kW/156 hp, maximum torque: 240 Nm at 1,400 rev / min, 0-100 km / h: 9,3 s Vmax: 213 km / h, average fuel consumption: 5.8 liters, CO2 emissions: 134 g / km, efficiency class: C, test consumption: 7.5 liters   Price: from 24,300 euros

The Peugeot 308 is the exchange student and relies on German virtues. That gets him good!