Test in the Porsche Macan GTS: smile guarantee

Macan GTS: Smile guarantee

This automatically associated Porsche - the three digits 9, 1 and 1. Worldwide, the great Cayenne but which is the most successful model from Zuffenhausen. And since it is not surprising that in this country whose younger and smaller offshoot of the brand icon is the position in the internal success ranking. With the GTS, Porsche at the Macan has now once again the newly mixed ingredients.

At the little brother of the Cayenne does the abbreviation GTS for example a to 15 mm deep-based chassis that is equipped as standard with the Adaptive damping system (active suspension management), switchable sport exhaust system is on board and also bi-xenon headlamps. Opposite the Macan S draws him also an increase of 20 HP and 40 nm more torque out. Although respectful distance to the Turbo keeps the Macan pushed on 360 horsepower, but the dynamic potential is hardly less. This is because among other things, that "Turbo" is just a label for each top model of a series. The V6 petrol engine of the GTS with three liter is charged and can leave its 500 Newton metres of torque from 1650 turns off the leash.

Externally, black 20 inch rims, black appliqués on lights, side sills and rear lights, the dark roof spoiler and exhaust tailpipes provide the distinguishing characteristics. 21-inch wheels also are possible, they increased the price of the test car to 1737 euro. The sport design package is complemented by an individual bow section with prominent lateral ribs and larger air intakes. Inside, sport seats, seatbelts, red contrast stitching and large attached Alcantara covers set the scene with embroidered "GTS" lettering on the headrests. An Alcantara headliner fails with 1309 euro record.

The driveline modifications beyond the GTS has to offer a few treats that you want to make it appetizing for sports-oriented customers. The lane keeping assist, and 3-zone climate control complement the facilities. Currently, it costs 73 400 euros. Audi related SQ5 plus really no bargains and around 5000 euros more than in technology and performance. However, it is powered by a diesel engine. That Porsche holds nothing of the pervasive simplification in the cockpit, is to see the buttons range of the center console. Who that cares should look rather immediately in another brand, because the Interior is Porsche standard.

A driving experience with a smile guarantee also. Because you might not the elevated seating position, the Macan GTS would be smooth forget that you are in an SUV. The sport seats nestled as a tracksuit on the body that spurt in five seconds from standstill to 100 km/h would benefit many two-seaters honour. With the reliable back notifying steering driver or driver feel close to the road surface and body roll in fast corners is low. The tightly designed damping system maintains the 1.61-meter load reliably. Wants to combine the active damper system with air suspension and leveling, it is extra going on around 1500 euros.

But that is well invested money. Amazing, how comfortable the Macan despite flat tires and Riesenfelgen rolls and compresses. The ground clearance can be increased up to 315 mm. Level control has still the pleasant side-effect that the loading edge can be lowered from 74 cm at the push of button on 69 cm. The up to 1500 litre luggage compartment loses although the slanting rear window of possibilities, but you get a flat, gently sloping trunk of 1.70 meters deep after flipping the backrest.

Who puts emphasis on agility and elasticity, want to feel it not only in the cross, but also in the ears. The standard sport exhaust system of the Macan GTS takes into account this need in its entirety. The tired from four tailpipes sound spectrum is resistant to the particularly, sometimes one might think to have to do it with a größervolumigen eight-cylinder. Without being intrusive, it orchestrated the combination of longitudinal and lateral acceleration with an appropriately hearty soundscape.

Quickly on their way, you should be able stop even faster. The Macan GTS is ensured the front of a 6-piston fixed caliper brake on the front axle. Bite fixed accesses on the 360 mm discs and delayed the test car exactly weigh 1960 kg reliably. The certainty of this anchor motivated a little to test the rear design of 4 × 4 drive and output of the curves used on the gas to rise. The sport plus mode sensitizes the rump in addition and it calms down, to catch it again with what delicate give movements.

Less than nine liters, says Porsche, consumes the car when it simulates 100 km test track on the chassis dynamometer. You can fix that in practice perhaps, embodies the restrained fun free on the road, and at every appropriate opportunity taking the sailing facility to claim. If however someone opts for a sports car brand, he will want to go too. The fuel consumption was 11.2 litres at the expected level.

Conclusion: As GTS, the Macan is a menu for pace gourmet and a successful blend of sportiness and elegant ambience that driving dynamics makes redundant the Turbo. And he is also versatile. Complaining is what applies to pretty much every Porsche new cars: many who would like to be Porsche drivers, need to look after others. The model shortcut you can translate even so: "Very of expensive carriage". In the case of the test car, the number was so just barely characters at the end of the list of equipment.

Technical data Porsche Macan GTS

Length x width x height (in m): 4.69 x 1.93 x 1.61 wheelbase (m): 2.81 motor: 6 cyl front engine, 2997 CC, Twin-Turbo, direct injection power: 265 kW / 360 HP at 6000 RPM Max torque: 500 nm from 1650–4000 rpm speed: 256 km/h acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 5.0 sec ECE average consumption: 8.8 liter fuel consumption: 11.2 liters CO2 emissions: 207 g / km (Euro 6) fuel tank capacity : 65 liters empty weight / payload: 1895 kg / max 655 kg luggage capacity: 500-1500 litre air resistance coefficient: 0.36 basic price: 73,400 euro test car price: 99-235 euro