Test Audi Q7 TFSI sitting at eye level

Sitting at eye level

Not every high seating position is like the other. It is always a question of character. It sits high in the Tuguan. But this word stacks too deep for an Audi Q7. The description "sublime" it, however, rather to the range Rover. Best, the term "lifted" meets at the Audi Q7. Hardly written out is that this term in the Q7 characterised more than only the seat position. We learned that in the /, 333 PS strong Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Quattro with air suspension.

He is 1.74 m above sea level on its powerful 20-inch. With my 1.83 meters, he meets me at eye level; I can see just over the roof. Still got designer managed to make him not like a rock for the traffic surf. Stepping back a few steps, the elongated silhouette, the strong longitudinal accents and the window surfaces take the Q7 visually much of its mass. But with more than two tons unladen weight, a length of 5.05 meters and nearly two meters in width it will remain an exception on Germany's roads. Thereby, he strives with longer and less brawny-acting hood, shallower grille, subsequent narrow LED/matrix-headlamps and larger window surfaces to a friendlier face than its deliberately impressive up-threatening-looking predecessor.

Sure, friends of the old Q7 will regret which also changed its character with the model change. The new acts, as he would no longer assume the role of a space tank on the left lane. He is gesitteter and more modest, because its designers have placed him more into the mainstream. But given the power of 245 kW / 333 HP this Q7 is a wolf in sheep's clothing, which can Sprint in 6.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and its high torque of 440 Newton metres (nm) over a broad speed for his eight-speed automatic to the Sprint holds.

Calls the driver to the Sprint, sounds of the six-cylinder sports pithy, he makes it, he not hear the motor. This Wolf can glide so well, that a driver can easily forget what is still so everything in the Q7 except the unusually quiet ride. Conversations at normal volume levels are still possible even at speeds of 200 because restrain himself also the running, and the wind noise. This is certainly not just the noise-absorbing glass from the option list. The Q7 offers four driving modes: Eco, auto, dynamic and individual. But also under "Dynamic", there is nothing on the ears. Gas pedal and circuit react then faster and maintain higher speeds. The air suspension is then but a little wooden.

We bow us the experience that Audi driving mode "Auto" offers mostly the optimal behavior and are thus once again well, too fast, if the highway allowed to do. At the end we had measured an average fuel consumption 11.6 litres Super on the clock, the NEDC consumption of an average 7.7 litres a lot more measured on the performance of Zweitonners with permanent all-wheel drive on the Highway: a reasonable express surcharge.

The Interior impresses with this Audi; respectable elegance without pomp and Swank. So slowly you come to the opinion that the Interior Designer at Audi leave more impression than colleagues responsible for the exterior: the experts speculated long, when Audi will leave the rutted tracks of its exterior design. We certainly do not like from the Interior. We found special favor to the virtual cockpit, the very comfortable individual contour seats with massage function and ventilation and the Outlook on the dashboard with the equipped over the whole width, as well as the elegant, exemplary processed materials and the wrap-around design of B-pillar to B-pillar. This is a closed unit that spread at the same time pleasure and confidence.

Trust is also not a bad basis for an intimate acquaintance with the Audi Q7. Because in terms of electronics, Audi can so much that the freaks cannot agree, who at the time this front is located in Germany. BMW or Audi? Because we stick out and determine: what features we were looking for, we found also: voice input, input your finger across a touch screen, classic the rotary press control, Internet as a hotspot, charging cradle for mobile phones and so much more, that the time of our acquaintance was not sufficient to use. Disturbed has given us just a little about the others like smile: the rotary press controller is unfavourable ahead and even in the "handle shadow" of the auto select lever.

Due to the variety of assistance systems felt we have served us some, as must you take us in the hand. For example, in a situation in which thinks the Navi, you should leave the motorway that own local knowledge know but better. Then slows the car exit, also in the left lane. These so-called predictive measures that act as if they knew it better than we can annoy. A red FIR on warning lights, a perfect sound and a screeching halt out of nowhere were climax when we wanted to dodge a left turn to the right and near came to this side of the road and a Bush behind it.

We will have to get used to such unwanted reactions, if we want that the systems on the road and life meet, if there is not a Bush on the side of the road, but a bus. We all are and accustomed to the safety and assistance systems and the assistance to us. We wait. 
 The Audi Q7 with its systems for partially autonomous driving, including those for the forward-looking, predictive behavior, with the almost silent sliding in a generous and noble furnished atmosphere full of high-tech ever one of the pleasant sides of autonomous driving shows. If no fun is possible, the driver can leave to the systems and the comfort. If the train is free, he can be so free to allow his horse to a gallop. Who wants to experience it all in a Q7 already, need to know, also has a price, in the case of our test car exactly 101 480,01 euro (by list).**By the way: the loading edge lies although lower than in the previous, but still at unusually high 79 centimeters. There is "lifted" from "lift". (ampnet/SM)**###Technical data: Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Quattro Tiptronic

Length x width x height (in m): 5.05 x 1.97 x 1.74 wheelbase (m): 2.99 motor: V6 gasoline engine, 2995 CC, Turbo, direct injection power: 245 kW / 333 HP at 3800 RPM Max torque: 440 nm from 2900 – 5300 RPM top speed: 250 km/h acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 6.1 sec ECE average consumption: 7.7 liters CO2 emissions: 189 g / km (Euro 6) weight empty / load : least 2045 kg / max 965 kg luggage capacity 850-2075 litres maximum towing capacity: 3500 kg turning circle: 11.8 m tires: 285/45 R 20 drag coefficient: 0.325 base price: 54 580 euro