Take the bike on the hook

Rheda-Wiedenbr├╝ck, 30 March 2017

The took has started, more and more people want to smell now fresh air on two wheels. Who lives in the city, goes often drive out into the countryside and starts there. But two 20-kilo E-bikes on the roof of the car or in the trunk balance, is virtually impossible. Bike rack for trailer coupling as the new Bikelander by Westfalia automotive are the solution.

Two or three wheels

The Bikelander is the successor of the BC 70. He has been improved in some respects. Still two (with upgrade kit three) can be on the carrier transport bicycles. Even after the bike on the stand are attached, can be used on the trunk, as the carrier along with the wheels can be folded backwards. As before the carrier can be also placed (on the format of 58 x 22 69 centimeters) fold up when not in use. The carrier itself weighs 17.2 kg - particularly delicate women or elderly people should keep in mind the weight before they put the thing in the cellar.

Up to 60 kilos

The wheels may weigh up to 60 kilos, you can carry for example two 30 kilo E-bikes. While the heavy batteries not included, because you should be already built out to the transport and transported in the trunk. Before buying, you should check also whether the trailer coupling endures also the total weight 17.2 kg for the carrier plus the weight of the wheels. You can find the maximum load in the vehicle documents or the operating instructions of the towing coupling. The bikes may have a wheelbase of 1.30 meters, the bicycle frame must not exceed eight centimeters in diameter, and the tyres must be smaller than 60 mm. Thus the carrier for most wheels is not suitable for Fatbikes.

Hybrid luminaires and improved attachment

So-called "hybrid tail light", using a combination of LED and conventional bulb technology are among the improvements over the 70 BC. The metal bracket of the carrier is now wider, allowing you to unusual frame shapes fix. Also, the black plastic hook that the frame of the bicycle is secured to the bracket, are now detachable. With only a knob can be at the same time the bracket to the bracket and the bracket to the bike frame. More improvements are extended clamping belt protectors for the rims.

Price: 519 euro

The carrier 519 euros and has been tested by DEKRA crash safety. The following accessories will be offered for the Bikelander: a 200-litre transport box (if you want to carry things other than bicycles), a drive-on rail (with which you can push the bike on the rack), a bracket and a bag for the carrier, a supplementary brake light (when the brake lights of the car are covered by the bikes), and an extension for a third bike. (sl)