Swedish delicacies with warranty

Gothenburg, March 4, 2016

With sporting special models, PoleStar performance forge has Yes now even longer spoils the Volvo fans. Time, the parts used and to offer even more also in the accessories market.

Better optics for the family carriage

Pole Star opened his program "PoleStar performance parts" with parts for the Volvo S60 sedan, the compact V40, the V60 wagon, as well as for the SUV XC60. Future models should be rapidly included in the list. The customer has the choice: from suspension parts and wheels about exhaust systems to Interior and exterior improvements, PoleStar offers a wide range of accessories. Here, the parts can be purchased either as a package or separately.

All items with warranty

The accessory is designed by the PoleStar team in cooperation with the in-house racing team "Cyan Racing" and in consultation with the engineers at Volvo. The aim was to balance the parts on the quality standard of the original vehicles, so that a uniform overall picture arises during Assembly. A major plus of the parts of the Pole Star is that the factory warranty of the vehicle is maintained. (mf)