Swedish curtains

Gothenburg (Sweden), 30 November 2016

Since 1929, the Swedish police fighting crime in patrol car from Volvo. Soon, the latest model of the brand to the service reports: from beginning of 2017 the V90 is to the police car.

Special tests with the cops

But even if as a domestic car brand, Volvo has a certain bonus, the V90 had to pass the Swedish police test. This includes five areas: one test, an obstacle course, take evasive action with or without use of the brakes, as well as a usage drive at high speed. The Interior is evaluated according to quality and ergonomics, finally it's the work of police officers.

Excellent result

The result was excellent for the V90: with 9.2 out of 10 points he reached up to date best result in the Swedish police test. He succeeds the current blue V70 and XC70 models. Also the legendary Volvo series Amazon and 144 were used already in the civil service. That Sweden relies heavily on Volvo, is not necessarily surprising. But countries such as Norway, Italy, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom also use the car from Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo itself emphasizes that the V90 can be purchased worldwide by any police authority. Maybe we see so sometime stylish Sweden station wagons in the German use of blue light. (rh)