Detroit, January 12, 2015

From the end of 2016, Volkswagen will build a seven-seater SUV for the US market in its US plant in Chattanooga / Tennessee. How it will look like, click here. VW has today ( January 12 to 25 2015), the plug-in hybrid study GTE Cross Coupé presented at the Detroit Auto Show. It is after the Cross Blue (Detroit, 2013) and the Cross Blue Coupe (Los Angeles 2013) to the third concept car, which anticipates VW's midsize SUV for North America. Especially the front end of the 4.85-meter-long, five-seater Cross Coupé GTE is according to VW ' views on the face of the US - SUV ". The production version but will measure about five meters and offer seven people.

System output of 360 hp

As for the drive on the modular transverse matrix ( MQB ) based Cross Coupé GTE VW chose a plug-in hybrid, which is closer to American customs. There are in fact a combination of a 3.6-liter V6 petrol engine with 280 hp and 350 Newton meters and two electric motors that are coupled to a six-speed DSG. The front electric motor develops 40 kW and 220 Newton meters, the rear 85 kW and 270 Nm. They are supplied by a lithium-ion battery that finds shelter in the transmission tunnel. The system output is 360 hp. The performance: zero to 60 mph (97 km / h) in 6.0 seconds and 209 km / h. The pure electric range give the Wolfsburg at 32 kilometers. The consumption of 70 MPGe ( "Miles per Gallon Equivalent " is a benchmark for alternative fuel vehicles ) corresponds to about 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Driving modes until you drop

Somewhat more complicated it is, if you look at the myriad of off-road driving and driving modes coupe (which consequently has four doors ) leads to heart. Can move to the concept car in five modes, its use, according to VW ", intuitive " to happiness. In the E-mode only the rear electric motor ensures propulsion. In the default current hybrid mode is troubled as needed, the gasoline engine and / or electric motor. If only the V6 at work, the Cross Coupé is the front-wheel drive. During deceleration, the battery is charging, while walking from the gas will be sailed and if too little battery power is available both electric motors act as a generator. The sporty GTE mode spans everything together, what the study has to offer. Maximum drive with sharper curve for gas, transmission and steering.

Front electric motor as a generator

Number four mode is called " off-road ". Here, the Cross Coupé is basically a four-wheel drive on the road and the gasoline powered by the front electric motor acts as a generator for its rear counterpart. Thus, the four-wheel drive also works with low battery. This all happens " by wire", which is why VW speaks of an electric propeller shaft. And finally, there is the option " Battery Charge / Battery Hold", which ensures that the battery stays at its stand or even loaded. So you can later, for example in the city center, on electric power. If you're thinking, that's it finite, then unfortunately you are wrong, because there are also the four driving profiles " on-road ", " Offroad", "Sport " and " Snow" that affect the basic tuning of SUVs.

Touch and wipe

Coming from driving to operate. In the interior of the Cross Coupé GTE feel the same " abgespaced " to like the CES-study Golf R Touch. Buttons are in short supply in the strictly structured Bauhaus cockpit. For this, diligent getoucht and mopped. As infotainment basic building block is a 10.1-inch touchscreen with gesture control. For this comes from the Audi TT-known and 12.3-inch Active Info display, which replaces the classic circular instruments, as well as travel, navigation or assistance functions displays. Finally, it has changed even the climate control on the touchscreen Cross Coupé GTE and of course, the study also has two tablets in the seats, which you can access features of the infotainment system via Wi-Fi and a VW App.

Design the future of the Volkswagen brand

How much of the technical and visual finesse of the Cross Coupé GTE remains ultimately, we have to wait. But we must assume that future Volkswagen will take some exterior and interior of the Detroit study. In the consolidated opening means: "The Cross Coupé GTE opens a window that provides a view on the future design of the Volkswagen brand. " The end of 2016 at least know the Americans, if that's true . (sw)