Survey among car buyers Consumption increasingly important

Consumption increasingly important

Fuel-saving techniques can be new cars more fuel efficient, but are also more expensive. But as long as the fuel economy is clearly a slightly higher price car buyers not seem to mind.

The fact that cars are becoming more economical, not only corresponds to the zeitgeist, but also to the customer: 70 percent of car buyers in Germany are willing to spend more for a car when it it consumes less fuel. Nearly 4,000 people surveyed by the Society for Consumer Research ( GfK ) for the current DAT report. In the last survey five years ago there were only 65 percent of respondents who wanted to spend more money on a fuel-efficient car.

This is reflected in the actual purchase of a car: For used car buyers only criteria purchase price and appearance were more important than the fuel consumption. For new car buyers the consumption stood for reliability, appearance and cost price in fourth place. In the survey of car buyers after the actual thirst of their acquired cars, new car shoppers indicated an average of 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers.