strong increase

Berlin, February 17, 2015

Again something learned: What most of us would call " Tiguan class" or compact SUV that 's strictly officially "C - SUV". There Hyundai plays to date with the ix35. And quite successful: Although the car is already on the market since 2010, 18,678 new registrations were recorded in Germany last year. Worldwide, the C-SUV segment even made from 22 percent of Hyundai sales. More curious is the view of the successor to the ix35, the Tucson.

Old name, new clarity

The at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) debuting Tucson wearing a well-known name. Already from 2005 to 2010, a compact SUV was offered in this country with that name. In the US, the ix35 is still running today as Tucson, which is derived from the same metropolitan city in Arizona. Why the rejection letters and numbers? Firstly, the vehicle designations are to be harmonized worldwide. On the other hand just confused in Europe the abbreviation ix, because there is also the minivan ix20. Therefore, the ix55 's successor was zurückgetauft in Santa Fe some time ago. A similar feeling now the ix35 / Tucson.

strong edges

The design of the new Hyundai Tucson comes from the pen of Peter Schreyer, the lines should emphasize the width and stoutness of the vehicle. Front, there are LED lights, the rear narrow lights. Let us turn to the hard facts: With 4.47 meters of Tucson is six inches longer than the ix35, the width increases by three centimeters to 1.85 meters. The altitude, however, decreased slightly. The wheelbase is now 2.67 meters. Is made possible by a new platform that will provide more space inside. Nevertheless, the boot capacity decreases with the seats are, from 591 to 513 liters still decent.

finally noble

Criticisms of the Hyundai ix35 related to the moderate perceived quality of the cockpit and the navigation system. Here Hyundai wants to have significantly reworked: Soft-touch materials on all surfaces should haptic fallen and the new Navi be three times as fast as before. Who orders the electronic route planner, gets seven years of free updates from TomTom.

much assistance

That was not enough the upgrade: new are ventilated seats, an electrically operated tailgate and a wizard that automatically einparkt in longitudinal and transverse gaps. In terms of safety, an autonomous braking assistant with pedestrian detection puts into the program, as well as a tracking system and an assistant that monitors the rear area of the vehicle and warns of intersecting traffic.

Five right?

For the built in Europe Czech Republic - Tucson are five engines to choose from. In the petrol that is the famous 1.6-liter with 135 hp and a new turbo 1,6er with 176 hp. The latter can also be equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The offer includes diesel engines with 115, 136 and 184 hp. For the two more powerful diesel engine with an automatic six courses in the program. What motors can be combined with a four-wheel drive, is not yet known. It is probable, however, that only the basic machines are offered only with front-wheel drive. On the market for new Hyundai Tucson comes in the second half of the year 2015. The ix35 prices start at 20,970 euros so far, greatly increasing it should not exist . (rh)