Stromernde audacity?

Shanghai, July 29, 2015

I beg your pardon? This is really not a Tesla? Now, a brazen copy is in some ways the highest form of recognition. And Tesla CEO Elon Musk is probably upset not actually particularly about the " compliment " the Chinese carmaker Youxia engine, he has released in 2014 parts of its patents for use. The 26-year-old Huangxiu Yuan, chief of Youxia Motors has made ​​use of, but the Tesla technique crossed with his favorite car: KITT from the 80's cult series Nightrider. The result is the Youxia X. Youxia way, is the Chinese name for the series, David Hasselhoff made ​​her a star.

360 - horsepower electric motor

Also inside smells of the Chinese - Tesla, said to have been developed within 482 days, according to extremely Model S. The huge 17.3-inch LCD touch screen sends his regards. According to the California Limousine whole form, is the Youxia X are powered by a 360 - horsepower electric motor. In addition, the clientele appeared to choose between batteries with 40, 60 or 85 kilowatt hours. Youxia Motors talks about a zero - to - 100 - km / h time of 5.6 seconds and a range of about 450 kilometers. Depending on the model, prices are intended to be the equivalent of 29,000 to 43,000 euros. However, outside of China is likely to be the X Youxia hardly can purchase.

Copyright? Who cares?

The " most notable " feature of Youxia X is probably a far simpleres: The China - Tesla has namely a programmable Grill, whose representation art ranges from the company's own logo on various emoticons up to the red running light, know the fans of the series Knight Rider all too well likely. Abstruse enough, is the operating system of the car even Android 5.1 OS KITT. Tesla wanted to appear to the vehicle not comment. What those responsible for the Knight - Rider - rights advocates have to say about the fun, also remains to be seen. And because the Youxia X his driver also still various engine sounds are available that have been " removed " for example, of a Jaguar F-Type or a Ferrari 458, which seems not really a car, but rather a traveling copyright infringement to be. Supposedly the Youxia X 2016 are still at the Chinese traders. Whether he really ever comes on the market ? ( sw )