Store fresh old sheet

Schwalbach, 3 February 2017

The fact that more and more car manufacturers seeking their old models, is not new. But at Jaguar Land Rover does not leave it for spare parts, repairs, or archive enquiries: there produced vintage are freshly rolled work by the band. At the classic fair Retromobile (8 to 12 February 2017), Land Rover in Paris presenting the first range Rover from the so-called reborn program.

Ten special vehicles

End of 2016 Jaguar had introduced the first nine authentic replicas of the XKSS. These vehicles are completely rebuilt after original templates, practically out of nowhere. Otherwise it behaves at the ten scheduled copies of the first range Rover series (1970-1996). Them is a very extensive restoration of the work. Here, employees are based on original specifications from the 1970s. A team of experts assists clients in choosing your desired model and gives tips to the specific properties.

A case for solvent lovers

An incredible effort so that Land Rover handsomely reward can be: The prices for a 'new' Range Rover classic start at 135,000 pounds, equivalent to about 157,000 euros. Pretty steep, when you consider that good copies of the early "range" reach a maximum 50,000 euros. But back to the number shown in Paris one: here is a built in 1978 in the historically correct shade of "Bahama-Gold". Of course zweit├╝rig, because only in 1981 was also rear doors. Under the hood is a 3.5-liter V8 including two carburetor, which provides 135 Horsepower and 251 nm. Thanks to all-wheel drive, lockout control center differential and an area reduction of range rover can be considered precursors of all luxury SUVs of today's days. (rh)