So the XE Project 8

Ryton-on-Dunsmore, 28. June 2017

Not much more really. Now it is pretty crazy. Say Hello to the latest highlight of Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), a XE with 600 horsepower, a gigantic rear wing and 170,000 Euro price tag.

The strongest Jag ever

The whole insanity called the Jaguar XE, SV Project 8. He follows the open, strictly limited to 575-HP F-Type called Project 7, but is once again significantly more specialized. And it differs, again, significantly more of the series. According to Jaguar, it is the track-focus the most and most powerful road car in the company's history. And Yes, that also includes the XJ220.

600 HP

To accomplish all of these superlatives, stuffs SVO with a 5.0-Liter supercharged V8 in the XE Bug. You don't know the machine already from a variety of fast Jags, however, with the adjacent 600-HP and 700 Newton meters. The next most potent mid-size sedans make 510 HP (Mercedes-AMG C 63 S and the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio), the BMW M4 GTS brings it to 500 horses. However, the 600 PS will need to drag in the XE Project 8 is also pretty obese 1.745 kilos. In spite of various carbon parts he is almost 100 pounds heavier than the previous range-topping XE S with 380 PS. The 0-100 km/h, he crashed however in 3.7 seconds, faster than any of its competitors. Maximum speed: 320 km/h.

Much wider

The Top topics at the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 lap times and maximum speed. The aerodynamically so good, but according to SVO, the Form and uncompromising function. Nice, if the function makes sure, that something so terrible and Wild. The wheel arches explode in the width, however, you must also include a 110 mm wider rear axle. At the rear you have to cut the fenders also about half. Looks, of course, rebellious and a clear view of the Michelin-Pilot-Sport-Cup-2-Semislicks. The Cupreifen office of the new forged 20-to accommodate Zöller, had to the Jaguar lay the front headlights to 14 millimeters to the front. It has seen less use, to make a quick model on the wheels. The only parts that match with an ordinary 180-Diesel-PS-XE, are the roof and the front doors.

All-wheel drive, adjustable chassis

Among all the dilated plate for an all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic are stuck. Despite the Hardcore approach of the Project 8 rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission were never up for debate. That would simply not be fast enough. The all-wheel drive is an optimized variant of the F-Type-SVR-drive, the automatic is the fastest ever in a Jag. An electronic limited-slip differential on the rear axle with its own cooling system is also set. Suspension (with stiffer springs and dampers) and aerodynamics are manually adjustable. In addition, machined Uniball-joints at the axle suspension is used.

Optional Track Pack

According to SVO Director Mark Stanton of Project 8 will be "noticeably more hardcore" than an F-Type SVR. "My F-Type SVR is a good usable everyday car. If this ends as an everyday car, we have done something wrong." The XE SV Project 8 is in the interior, amazingly comfortable. As standard there is a full programme of stalls, those who opt for the optional Track Pack, reaping the omission of the rear bench, two Sabelt bucket seats and a suspension lowered by 15 mm. Besides, the car is a 12.2 pounds lighter. In spite of a cage and a fire extinguisher.

Only as a left-hand drive vehicles

Other Highlights include standard-fit Carbon-ceramic brakes with 400 mm discs at the front and 396 mm discs at the rear. In addition, it promises us that this car "sounds like no other Jaguar". Considering how other V8 Jags sound, can be a almost a bit scared. Overall, Jaguar will build only 300 XE SV Project 8. All are handmade and come – due to better Seating position and weight distribution – solely as left-hand drive vehicles. Prices for the German market, the British did not call yet. In England, the car will cost 150,000 pounds. That's the equivalent of about 170,000 euros.(sw)