So is the seat SUV 2016

Geneva / Switzerland, March 3, 2015

The 20V20 (Seat speaks of the "Vision Veinte veinte ", which is Spanish for 20 20 ) are Seat at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 3 to 15 2015) a concrete view of a sporty SUV, the 2016 is coming to market, Seat describes the 20V20 as a mix of a four-door sports coupe, an SUV and a middle class estate. The " Vision 2020 " in addition shows the future seat design language. CEO J├╝rgen stack man says: "Design is already one of the most important reasons to buy a seat and we want to build on this strength, of course, in interaction with technology Many details of the 20V20 will be featured in future production vehicles. . "

Offroad and connected

The study 20V20 is 4.66 meters long, making it again 13 inches longer than the current Leon ST. The wheelbase is 2.79 meters. The SUV concept stands on 20 - inch wheels and has a ground clearance of 22.8 inches off-road. On the inside, the 20V20 via freely programmable virtual displays and the usual armada of assistance systems. The key is also used as a control element and ?? outside the vehicle ?? as pedestrian navigation. The trunk should offer more than 600 liters of cargo volume. These hidden under the cargo floor two trolleys and a kind of electric scooters, the seat "Personal Mover " lists. He will accompany the passengers on the last meters to their destination.

Other SUVs and Cupra version will follow

Seat also points out that, based on VW's MQB platform 20V20 variety of engines up to 300 hp TSI petrol can sleep with a purely electric driving diesel option with up to 240 hp to plug-in hybrids. The power is transmitted by DSG gearbox on an electronically controlled all-wheel drive. The production version of the Leon-based crossover will come on the market in 2016 and set the ball rolling for a series of Seat SUVs. An athletic Cupra version for seats new sport SUV is at least conceivable . (sw)