Smaller size, smaller price

Brühl, July 7, 2014

The first generation Renault Twingo has reached cult status. He also has a potential future classic from France to become. The idea of the third generation model of the city car took place in early 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show. The launch takes place in Germany in September 2014. The small car can be ordered immediately and Renault has now given the strike price is known.

basic knowledge

The Twingo has been completely redeveloped. Since customers in the small car segment pay much attention to the price, the carmaker must come up with something to save development costs. The Twingo is therefore not a pure French product and divides henceforth with the Smart Forfour a base.

price cut

The collaboration of Smart and Renault seems to have paid off. The basic version of the Twingo is with 9,590 euros even be priced 400 euros cheaper than the two-door predecessor. The entry-level version is bristling with standard extras such as a tire pressure monitoring system, LED daytime running lights or a hill-start assist.

Top features over 10,000 Euro

Who beyond an air conditioner or the online multimedia system wants is the price may not hold under 10,000 euros. The top features that will be also available with heated outside mirrors, 15-inch alloy wheels and fog lamps, start from 13,590 euros.

New body shape

From the previous three-door model will continue a five-door hatchback, three-door variant is said to have reserved for the Mercedes Smart. Despite the additional doors, the length of the Frenchman has shrunk by ten centimeters to 3.59 meters. According to Renault but that does not mean a loss of space in the interior. The reason for this should be the far gerückten in the corners of the vehicle wheels. Agile for city driving it stays: 8.60 meters should be the turning circle.

Three-cylinder heart

Is powered by a new tiny three-cylinder gasoline engine with 70 hp and a consumption of 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The 0.9 - liter petrol engine is standard equipped with a start - stop system. For those who prefer sports, also can fall back on a three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 90 hp. He should not be over 100 kilometers with 0.2 liters more than its much drinking joyful sucking relative.


The engines of the Twingo sit like the Smart in the rear of the car and will give their power further to the rear axle. Renault thus makes a trip back to the sixties and seventies the company's own history. The last rear-engined Renault was the R8, which was offered from 1962 to 1973 and had a transversely installed four-cylinder inline engine in the rear.

Outlook for Smart Fans

Whether the new Smart Forfour and Renault Twingo will be similar not only in the base vehicle and the motors, but also in terms of price is not fixed yet. Smart fans will have to wait a few more weeks until the launch of the Twingo brother. (ml )