Skoda power

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 29 March 2017

Diesel was yesterday, the future belongs to the electric car. By the year 2025, the Volkswagen Group is planning to have more than 30 pure E-vehicles in the program. All Group brands are so obliged. As views of the own plans Skoda on the auto show shows the study in Shanghai (19-28 April 2017) vision E.

The glorious five

The objectives of the Czechs are ambitious: five pure electric cars in various segments in the program should be up to the year 2025. Already 2019 the superb starts with plug-in hybrid, 2020 is the first pure Stromer Skoda on the market. The basis for the electrification of the Volkswagen Group goes by the name MEB. The abbreviation stands for the modular electric kit. Different sizes are similar as in transverse modular Kit for conventional cars possible. VW about showed the I.D. in 2016. Golf format. The Skoda S vision is easiest with "Kodiaq Coupé" outlined.

Slightly shorter than the Kodiaq

The length is 4.64 metres, bringing the concept vehicle is less than six centimeters shorter than the normal Kodiaq. It grows the wheelbase 2.79 meters to 2.85 meters. More facts & figures are a width of 1.92 metres and a height of 1.55 metres. Promised are a spacious interior and an elevated seating position. An electric motor at each axle drives the vision of E. The system performance is located at 225 kilowatts according to 306 HP, Skoda is 180 km/h as maximum speed. Up to 500 kilometers, the vehicle should be. In addition, autonomous driving in the level 3 will allow (out of 5). This includes among other things an autopilot for motorway sections, independent overtaking or also the finding a parking space without a driver. (rh)