Skoda Favorit: Square-Edged Revolution

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 19. September 2017

At the end of 1989, the so-called "velvet Revolution swept" by the former Czechoslovakia. Car is technically two years blew but already a modern Wind: In September 1987, Skoda introduced the brand-new favorite. The 30-year-anniversary, we look back on the history of the almost forgotten car.

Everything forward, but fast!

It all began in December 1982 when the government of the CSSR decided on the construction of a modern passenger car. Not without Background, because the Skoda models of that time based on the rear engine-type MB to 1000 from 1964. Now the signs of the time were on front-engine and front-wheel drive. The requirements of all of the above were ambitious: by the middle of 1985, the development should be completed, and in 1987 the production start. After all, Skoda did not have to start completely on a white sheet of paper, because in 1979 you had tested with the type 780 (had visually similar to the Opel Kadett D) front-wheel drive technology.

Optics from Italy

Nevertheless, The schedule was tight, at the same time, the new car should look reasonably well. An ideal Partner was found in Italy. In the case of Bertone, four body variants: sedan, coupe, hatchback and station wagon, of which only the last two were realized and developed. In addition, Bertone made 19 prototypes in different versions. In the course of the development phase of the Skoda was a favorite (already in 1936, there was a car with this name) also on the test track of Porsche in Weissach beat.

Presentation in Brno

The Premiere of the Skoda Favorit was not held in September 1987 at the IAA in Frankfurt. You chose your own country and the International engineering fair in Brno (Brno). There are five doors state-of-the 3,81 meters long in the spotlight. Relatively sober, the favorite was four inches shorter than the old rear-engine model Skoda 120. Nevertheless, Skoda offered a New more space in the Interior and trunk.

Luxury in socialism

Under the hood, there was nothing really New, but an OHV four-cylinder with 1.289 cubic centimeter of engine displacement, and 58, respectively, 63 HP. Start with the carburetor, only in 1993, there was a injection. In Czechoslovakia the Skoda Favorit 136 L was initially a good third more expensive than the outlet end 120 L. at Least 84.600 crowns had to be scroll – up at an average monthly gross wage of 3.030 crowns. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the favorite came in March 1989, however, at a very competitive price. And the GDR? There, the favorite was never offered officially, which explains why between 1990 and 1991, sales doubled in Germany. Also in 1990, the 4.16 meters long station wagon version called the Forman.

A door-opener for VW

Today, we find the favourite only in his home country in larger numbers. Its importance for Skoda is not to be underestimated. The pure existence of the favorite was an Argument for Volkswagen to take over in 1991, the Czech car maker. Shortly thereafter, a first Facelift was performed, in 1993, a thorough Review followed. About a Million favorite have been built up to the final was replaced by the Felicia, in 1995, including more than 211.000 station wagons, and about 71,000 Pick-ups. Anyone who wants to know more should visit the Skoda factory Museum at Mlada Boleslav. In a special exhibition, there are special prototypes, and documents are shown.(rh)