Shell focuses on charging stations at petrol station

Shell in the coming years, the number of charging stations at their own petrol stations significantly expand. The company does not focus on charging stations at other locations, such as, for example, at supermarkets. That said, head of consumer sales, David Bunch of the oil and gas company against ANP on the occasion of the opening of the first supersnellaadpaal of Shell and IONITY at a French petrol station.

Of which IONITY-poles, which has a capacity of 350 kilowatts and an electric car in five to eight minutes to charge, 500 at eighty stations throughout Europe, including the Netherlands. These come in especially along highways.

For other stations want to Shell recharge offer, albeit slightly less quickly. In 2025, the company wants electric cars at 1,500 petrol stations, about a fifth of Shell's total in Europe.

How long does it take before the charging stations, a healthy division, is not to say, according to Bunch. "In Norway, for example that is already so, but it varies from market to market." Also is the step to electric charging of a learning process, he stresses. "We have yet to learn how customers charging stations." Afraid of competition from the ability to home to recharge the Bunch. "People can also at home coffee, but there is with the sale of coffee and a lot of money."