Several Bestwertungen, but also a disappointment

Brussels ( Belgium ), November 6, 2014

Six new models have taken EuroNCAP ( European New Car Assessment Programme ) under the microscope the crash test experts. Among the new BMW compact MPV 2er Active Tourer, the new generation of the popular small car Skoda Fabia, the new VW Golf rival Nissan Pulsar and the electrically powered sedan Tesla Model S. These four models all received the highest rating of five stars and offer so good protection in case of accidents.

Mégane tested again with an improved seat belt reminders

Four stars got this crash test through the Renault Mégane. The Compact French had only received three stars in a first crash test in June 2014. At that time, the tester had but mainly just complains that the information on seat belt reminders were not available in all major languages ​​?? This shortcoming has now been fixed. With only three stars, the micro car Suzuki Celerio must be satisfied. It was here that, among other things, the rear head restraints to negative, which offer little protection against whiplash in rear impacts. In addition, the car received zero points in the side pole impact: As head airbags in Celerio are offered only as an option, the car was not allowed to compete only on this side impact test.

From the frontal impact to the safety systems

Is tested in EuroNCAP procedure including the frontal impact of the vehicle at 64 km / h on a deformable barrier. This test corresponds to the most common type of accident: the frontal but slightly offset collision with another car of similar mass. As a simulation of a side impact of another car on the driver's side, another barrier test is performed. About a quarter of serious accidents in Europe are due to the impact with a lantern or a tree after a spin cycle. This is tested by the side pole impact. Here, the car is pushed sideways at 29 km / h approaches a fixed stake. The effect of a collision on the neck of the occupant is being tested. In addition, the safety of children is tested in various seats. The facilities with security systems also flows in the overall standings. ( sl )