Schaduwspeler: Renault Koleos

The compact Captur is still not dragging and with the Kadjar Renault also good business. With the largest SUV from the French, the Koleos, will however, not succeed in our country.

Ah, yes, the Koleos. When the first generation in 2008 appeared, it was Renault's first SUV and thus were the French rich leave. The Koleos was a product of Renault's Korean sibling Samsung, was also built and was in Asia known as the Samsung QM5. Although the Renault and Samsung design was reasonable at each other was tuned, was the Koleos within the European range, a somewhat strange duck in the bite. The model was not a great success: in the best year (2008), Renault sold there 726, in 2009, followed 523 copies, and then it was out with the fun

In 2016, the Koleos, however, back. In that year presented new Koleos has still Korean roots, but it fits with his voluptuous led strings, cheeky front, and tough to avoid in very well with modern European Renaults as the Mégane and especially the Talisman. The car also grew, and what fits in terms of size is now better with the latter. This is a bit tricky to place the model, which operates between compact SUVS like the Peugeot 3008 and relative machines like the Hyundai Santa Fe. The Nissan X-Trail comes close, but that is a seven-seater and the Koleos is not.

The biggest problem of the Koleos is for our country however probably not to the amount of seats, but at the leveringsgamma. The current generation is there from the beginning only with diesel engines and while that fuel supply in the last few years, anyway, from the grace of touch, is the provision of a purely diesel engines in a large and fairly heavy SUV view of the road tax in the Netherlands at all a difficult task. Add to this that the most affordable of the two available engines, the dCi 130, when the transition to the WLTP cycle bob explained, and you know that the Koleos still only for a very small audience to make an attractive offer. The current price list is very clear: Renault's largest SUV is available only when the dCi 175 with automatic transmission in the topuitvoering Initiale Paris. The only serious choice that buyers still rests, is that between front - and all-wheel drive; further limited the variation to paint colors and a handful of separate options.

Whatever the reason is, the current Koleos has been in our country an even greater rarity than its predecessor. With a good profit margin even, because with 55 units sold in 2017 and similar numbers in 2018, the model comes not further than ten percent of the already not particularly impressive performance of its predecessor. Who in a Koleos gets, there and then also guaranteed to be exclusive bij0-diesel in a comparative test game against a four-wheel drive Koleos. Koreans under each other...